Jerry Fish.
Jerry Fish.

Derry’s world-famous Hallowe’en celebrations will be broadcast live on two major TV stations this year in a major coup for the festival’s organisers and a brilliant advertisement for the city.

Jerry Fish of An Emotional Fish and The Mudbug Club fame, ‘Derry Girls’ actress Diona Doherty, and local singer-songwriter J.J.Ó Dochartaigh, have been lined up to present ‘Samhain Live!’ on TG4 and BBC2 from the Derry Walls on October 31.

Some of the hottest acts on the Irish music scene have been booked to perform during the broadcasts, which will go out from 9.30 p.m. on TG4 and from 10.30 p.m. on BBC 2.

As the broadcasters explain: “Samhain Live is a brand new groundbreaking live music and entertainment show that will be broadcast live from Derry City, home to the greatest Hallowe’en celebrations in the world!

“Samhain Live will bring you right into the heart of Derry’s Hallowe’en festival itself with music from some of Ireland’s top acts, including Le Galaxie, Jerry Fish, Gavin James, Saint Sister, Declan O’Rourke, Wyvern Lingo and ROE as well as experiencing the carnival-like atmosphere live from the streets complete with parade and fireworks.”

The programme aims to showcase Derry famous Hallowe’en festival to a national and international audience on a night when, as tradition would have it, the portal between this world and the Otherworld is breached.

Gatekeeper between the two worlds on the night will be the charismatic Mr. Fish, who will preside over the festivities from the Derry Walls during what are considered the best Hallowe’en celebrations in the world.