Justin Timberlake hilariously revealed he used to get pelted with bottles of urine when he first began his solo career.

The singer has had a very successful music career since boyband NSYNC went on a break in 2002, but the popstar admitted he had a few tough times when he was just starting out.

Justin, 39, told telly favourite Graham Norton during his iconic BBC show that he had multiple bottles of urine launched at him while he performed at a benefit concert with The Rolling Stones.

The concert raised money for SARS and took place in Toronto in 2003 as Justin was starting out as a solo popstar.

Top acts such as AC/DC and The Guess Who were also at the charity concert.

"It was a bit of a blur, but I just remember saying to the band before we went on stage, 'I don't think this is going to go well,' but little did I know I had no idea how bad it was going to go," Justin said about the brutal bottle-throwing attack.

Justin admitted 'it wasn't always good times' for him at the start

He playfully added: "We came on stage and all of a sudden from the first two rows... of half a million people, bottles of urine were then thrown on the stage. It wasn't always good times for me you guys!"

The Sexy Back singer went on to confess that he is still "traumatised" by that day.

Despite being given the chance to stop his set, Justin decided to stay on and face the dirty bottles of urine.

Jessica Biel's husband explained he was dancing in the first song and tried to dodge the bottles, but by the second he was sat down still at the piano.

He shared: "The first song I was at the mic and I was moving around and singing at the same time, I was kind of impressed with myself, and then the second song was, Senorita, and I play a Rhodes electric piano so then all of a sudden I'm thinking to myself, 'Oh no, I'm immobile.'

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However the singer said everything appeared to stop after he sang that song.

"After that song either one of two things happened. Either they ran out of nerve, because they knew that I was going to stay there, or they ran out of urine," he joked.

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