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Katie Price begs to be let back on Celeb SAS saying she’d do it for free and insists her boobs made her quit

KATIE Price has begged to go on the next instalment of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins and said she would do it for "nothing" after she was forced to quit the series on medical grounds.

Last month, viewers watched as the 42-year-old exited the Channel 4 show less than 24 hours of arriving.

The mother-of-five explained that she has gone under the knife for a breast reduction prior to her stint on the series and her recovery from the surgery forced her to quit.

Since the show was filmed, Katie voluntarily entered rehab facility The Priory after she was left with PTSD following a terrifying incident with her children in South Africa.

Speaking about her experience on her YouTube channel, Katie told her subscribers that she would love to tackle the show again and believes she's in a better headspace to do so.

She said: "I would love to go back and do the show because since the show I've been in the Priory.

"I had a breakdown so much has happened to me that I feel mentally then I was strong enough to do the show. And even more now I'm so assertive, so strong, so ready and I'm actually into fitness.

"But since I was in the Priory, I started working out there and I can't tell you guys how mentally that's good for you," she admitted.

"Exercise is amazing for your mental health so I know if I got given the chance I'd even do it for nothing that's how serious I would do it. "We all get paid to do the show but genuinely I would do it for nothing.

"I think it would be amazing for my mental health, I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone.

"I want to hit them walls I've never been able to hit, just have the opportunity not many people can have... I would train my a** off."

Explaining her decision to leave the series abruptly, Katie said during one of the first physical challenges her health began to decline as she attempted to hold a sandbag above her head for 10 minutes.

"Unfortunately due to having my boobs done not that long before the show," she shared. "Mentally I was ready, it wasn't so much the fitness it was some of the tasks as I had just had my boobs done the one where I was lifting the sandbags.

"... it was just pulling me underneath my boobs and it just wasn't feeling right".

On the show at the time, viewers watched as Katie told Ant Middleton and his angry sidekicks she’d had enough then walked.

Asked why, she revealed: "I pulled something in training.

"My breast reduction became inflamed. It was out of my control. I was gutted. I had to leave because of the pain I was in.

"I'll never take my creature comforts for grant­ed again. I left with new life goals. I left the old Katie up there. She’s not coming back."

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