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Labour’s open-door immigration policy would ‘flood British prisons with thousands of extra foreign criminals’


THOUSANDS of extra foreign criminals would end up in Britain’s prisons under Labour, it was claimed yesterday.

They would flood here from the EU if Jeremy Corbyn sticks to his open-door immigration policy.

It will bring hundreds of thousands more immigrants in the next ten years and among them would be 15,000 offenders, Tory analysis suggests.

Taxpayers would be landed with a £600million bill for 3,000 more prison places, while experts say it would be almost impossible to deport even the most serious foreign offenders.

Security Minister Brandon Lewis said: “Jeremy Corbyn’s plans would mean continued free movement for European criminals and foreign gangs. This is dangerous and British taxpayers would fit the bill.”

Labour’s plan to relax migration rules split the shadow cabinet yesterday as they met to finalise the party’s manifesto.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, who controls Labour’s immigration policy brief, insists she will go much further and extend the offer worldwide.

But other senior MPs fear it is a vote-loser — while Mr Corbyn’s union boss ally Len McCluskey warned it was wrong to tear up the party’s 2017 election promise to end free immigration.

The 15,000 figure is based on free movement in the EU but it would be higher still if countries such as Albania and North Macedonia as join the union.

And, if Labour were to follow through a pledge to end sentences of under six months, thousands would be on the streets rather than in prison.

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