Disney/ Pixar fans have finally got their first look at the new Toy Story spin-off film, Lightyear, with the release of its 1-minute 33-second trailer.

Fittingly soundtracked by the David Bowie anthem "Starman" from the classic album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars", we finally get our first look at a younger Buzz Lightyear, outside of his Toy Story merchandise role and finally in his own universe.

In the teaser trailer, we see Buzz readying for launch, strapping into his spaceship, and hurtling around the sun before getting a few glimpses of other parts of the film's story.

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Eventually, we see Buzz discover his classic green and white spacesuit.

Disney revealed shortly before the last Toy Story film that the Buzz Lightyear figure was its best-selling toy of all time. His name is widely understood to be a nod to the Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.

What can we expect from Lightyear?

The film's director, Angus MacLane, has said that the new movie is "a straightforward sci-fi action film about the Buzz Lightyear character."

While Toy Story showed us Buzz's struggles with the realisation that he was, in fact, a toy, it is believed that the plot of the new film will follow Buzz's rise through the ranks of the Universe Protection Unit of the Space Ranger Corps, who are dedicated to fighting the evil emperor Zurg.

Who will voice Buzz Lightyear?

While Tim Allen (Home Improvement, Last Man Standing, Wild Hogs) initially voiced the character in the Toy Story series, Hollywood star Chris Evans will take over for Lightyear.

Chris Evans is famous for his role as Captain America in Marvel films like Avengers Assemble, Captain America: Civil War and Captain America: The First Avenger.

When is Lightyear due to be released?

While we don't yet have a specific release date, the teaser trailer tells us that Lightyear will take us to infinity and beyond in Summer 2022.

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