Keir Starmer faces a reckoning after a brutal night for Labour in the local election results.

Labour were trounced in Hartlepool, losing the Westminster seat for the first time since it was created in 1974 - as jubilant Tories blew up an inflatable Boris Johnson to celebrate.

But Sir Keir's woes went far beyond a single by-election for Parliament.

While only a handful of English councils were declaring overnight - fewer than 20 out of 143 - none of them so far have held any kind of breakthrough for Labour, despite the party hoping to regain seats it lost in 2017.

Labour lost seats on six of the first 11 councils to declare - and gained on just two. This included losing a whopping 10 seats in traditional bellwether Nuneaton and Bedworth - which the Tories won from No Overall Control, gaining 11 seats.

The Tories snatched Harlow in Essex from Labour after seven seats changed hands.

Labour's vote share plunged 7% and the Tories rose 7% in the Doncaster mayor election while Labour lost nine seats in its heartland of Sunderland. It's now retains control of the council by under a dozen seats.

Labour today vowed to press on with Keir Starmer's project of taking the party away from where it was left by Jeremy Corbyn.

A Labour source said: "We’ve said all along the North East and the Midlands would be difficult. We also said the places declaring Thursday would be particularly difficult.

“But, the message from voters is clear and we have heard it. Labour has not yet changed nearly enough for voters to place their trust in us.

“We understand that. We are listening. And we will now redouble our efforts.

A 30ft inflatable Boris Johnson was erected outside Mill House Leisure Centre in Hartlepool
A 30ft inflatable Boris Johnson was erected outside Mill House Leisure Centre in Hartlepool

“Labour must now accelerate the programme of change in our party, to win back the trust and faith of working people across Britain.

"People don’t want to hear excuses. Keir has said he will take responsibility for these results – and he will take responsibility for fixing it and changing the Labour Party for the better."

Results will continue to pour in until Sunday including for the Welsh and Scottish Parliaments, which are only starting to count this morning.

But so you can keep track, we're publishing all the results so far on this article which you can return to and refresh to see what's what.

Please note that while our interactive tools should show full detailed results, our text service only includes highlights or seats changing hands in order to make this article easier to navigate.

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Big elections 2021 at-a-glance

HARTLEPOOL BY-ELECTION: The blockbuster Westminster ballot. The Tories wiped out Labour ’s 3,595 majority in the Brexit-backing northern seat - which has been red since its creation in 1974. The Tory majority is now almost double. Result now declared.

143 ENGLISH COUNCILS: More than 5,000 seats were up for grabs on 21 county, 28 unitary, 35 metropolitan and 59 district councils in England. From the first results counted overnight, Labour was losing and Tories were gaining. Results Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT: All 129 seats are being chosen and Nicola Sturgeon was hoping to win an overall majority to push for independence. Results Friday afternoon through to Saturday night.

WELSH PARLIAMENT: All 60 seats were up for grabs and polls suggested Labour - while the biggest party - had an uphill struggle to win an overall majority. Results Friday afternoon and evening.

13 ENGLISH MAYORS: The biggest battles were over Tory-held West Midlands, Tees Valley and West of England, where Labour wanted to make in-roads. Tees Valley result due around 5pm Friday; West Midlands, West of England and London declare Saturday.

LONDON ASSEMBLY: All 25 seats were up for election and Labour was be straining for an overall majority. Results Friday and Saturday.

39 POLICE COMMISSIONERS: The oft-forgotten jobs in England and Wales were up for election for the third time since they were created in 2012. Results through to Monday.



Tory Jill Mortimer thrashed Labour's Paul Williams with 15,529 votes to his 8,589, declaring: "The people have spoken and they’ve made clear it’s time for change."

Jill Mortimer (C) 15,529 (51.88%, +22.96%)

Paul Williams (Lab) 8,589 (28.69%, -8.99%)

Sam Lee (Ind) 2,904 (9.70%)

Claire Martin (Heritage) 468 (1.56%)

John Prescott (Reform) 368 (1.23%)

Rachel Featherstone (Green) 358 (1.20%)

Andrew Hagon (LD) 349 (1.17%, -2.97%)

Thelma Walker (Ind) 250 (0.84%)

Chris Killick (ND) 248 (0.83%)

Hilton Dawson (NE Party) 163 (0.54%)

W Ralph Ward-Jackson (Ind) 157 (0.52%)

Gemma Evans (Women) 140 (0.47%)

Adam Gaines (Ind) 126 (0.42%)

The Incredible Flying Brick (Loony) 108 (0.36%)

David Bettney (Soc Dem) 104 (0.35%)

Steve Jack (FA) 72 (0.24%)

C maj 6,940 (23.19%)

15.97% swing Lab to C

Electorate 70,768; Turnout 29,933 (42.30%, -15.62%)


TBC: Awaiting results.


TBC: Awaiting results.


  • London: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • West Midlands: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • Tees Valley: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • Greater Manchester: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • Liverpool City Region: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • West of England: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • Cambridgeshire & Peterborough: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • West Yorkshire: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • Bristol: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • Liverpool: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • Salford: TBC, Awaiting results.
  • Doncaster: First count: Ros Jones (Lab) 27,669 (43.79%, -7.13%). James Hart (C) 17,980 (28.46%, +7.27%). Frank Calladine (Ind) 5,166 (8.18%). Andy Budden (Yorkshire) 4,079 (6.46%, +1.41%). Joan Briggs (ND) 3,907 (6.18%). Warren Draper (Green) 3,370 (5.33%, +5.33%). Surjit Duhre (Reform) 1,012 (1.60%).
  • North Tyneside: TBC, Awaiting results.



TBC: Awaiting results.


Harlow: C gain 7, Lab lose 7. New council: C 20, Lab 12, Vacant 1


Gateshead: LD gain 1, Ind lose 1. New council: Lab 52, LD 13, Ind 1

Newcastle: Ind gain 1, Lab lose 1. New council: Lab 52, LD 20, Ind 6

Rochdale: Lab gain 1, Ind lose 1. New council: Lab 45, C 9, Ind 3, LD 3

South Tyneside: Green gain 2, C gain 1, Ind gain 1, Lab lose 4. New council: Lab 44, Ind 6, Green 3, C 1

Sunderland: C gain 6, LD gain 4, Lab lose 9, Green lose 1. New council: Lab 42, C 18, LD 12, UKIP 3


Harlow: C gain 7, Lab lose 7. New council: C 20, Lab 12, Vacant 1

Nuneaton and Bedworth: C gain 11, Lab lose 10, Ind lose 1. New council: C 24, Lab 7, Ind 2, Green 1


TBC: Awaiting results.


Redditch: C gain 7, Lab lose 7. New council: C 25, Lab 4

Thurrock: C gain 1, Ind lose 1. New council: C 29, Lab 16, Ind 4


TBC: Awaiting results.


TBC: Awaiting results.


Colchester: Green gain 1, LD lose 1. New council: C 23, LD 12, Lab 11, Ind 3, Green 2

Southend: C gain 3, Lab gain 1, Ind lose 4. New council: C 23, Lab 13, Ind 10, LD 5

Stockport: Green gain 1, R gain 1, Lab lose 1, Ind lose 1. New council: LD 26, Lab 25, C 8, Ind 2, Green 1, R 1


TBC: Awaiting results.