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Love Island Australia spoilers: New boys John James AND Elias pick Cassidy for a date after she catches Grant lying

TENSIONS on Love Island Australia are set to soar as new boys John James Parton and Elias Chigros pick Cassidy McGill for a date after she catches Grant Crapp lying to her.

ITV2 viewers watched as Grant told Tayla that he wanted to kiss her - but when he gets called out the heartbreaker insists that he didn’t say it first.

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Now sure to spice things up, two new boys, John James and Elias, couldn't arrive to the Love Island villa at a better time.

And while the female contestants are in a fluster over the new arrivals, the bombshells each receive a text that is sure to send shockwaves through the villa.

With Australia rooting for Cassidy, the public choose the blonde beauty to go on a date with both boys with BBUK star John James' text saying: "John-James, the Australian public have been voting for the girl they want you to go on a date with.

"They have decided you should go on a date with… Cassidy."

Next up, Elias gets a messafe, which reads: "Elias, the Australian public have been voting for the girl they want you to go on a date with. They have decided you should go on a date with… Cassidy."

Cassidy is blown away that the public have chosen her to date both the new boys.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, she says: "I am genuinely baffled. Maybe this is alarm bells? Maybe this is Australia giving me a hint that he is not as honest as he's told me he is."

The shake up comes after Cassidy became aware of Grant telling Tayla that he wanted to kiss her.

But while Grant has insisted that he didn’t say it first, Tayla’s version of events were very different, which she relayed back to Cassidy.

In tonight's episode, viewers will watch tensions flare as Cassidy confronts Grant and Tayla questions his motives.

Speaking to Tayla with Grant, Cassidy says: "Sorry to drag you into this but he is saying that you brought up the kissing first."

Sitting in the bedroom, Cassidy asks: "Honestly, did you say you would jump ships like that?" To which Grant denied: "No I did not".

"So you didn't say you'd consider sleeping out in the daybed with her? Before recoupling?" questions Cassidy.

Fuming with his denial, Tayla rages: "This is not fair, you've hurt me by leading me on and saying that stuff upstairs and now you're denying the bed situation.

"Why are you lying about that?"

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Grant says: "It's put me and Cassidy on a real rocky path and I'm to blame. Cassidy, the poor girl, it doesn't involve her.

"It really involved me and Tayla and that's it".

Angry with how Grant has completely lied about the situation, Tayla leaves the room and says to Cassidy: "You can believe what you want to believe."

Will Cassidy side with Grant and continue getting to know him? We'll just have to watch and see.

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