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Mariah Carey’s sister accuses her mum of pimping her out when she was 10 years old

MARIAH Carey’s upcoming autobiography promises to settle scores with her rivals and chronicle the “triumphs and traumas” of her famously diva-ish lifestyle.

But the book, out next month, threatens to be overshadowed by a new family feud — following explosive abuse accusations by her elder sister Alison.

The homeless 59-year-old is set to sue their mother Patricia, 83, for allegedly forcing her to perform sex acts on strangers when she was just ten.

And in further shocking allegations, Alison claims she had to watch children being abused and even stabbed during sick satanic rituals.

The devil-worshipping meetings — which included “ritual sacrifices” — took place at an altar and were conducted by figures wearing long hooded cloaks, she alleges.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Alison claimed she remembered feeling “uncomfortable” when her mum asked her to talk with a man she knew from church in his car.

She said: “I stayed in the car until he tried to get me to touch him. Then I tried to get out.

“For her to ask me to talk to him in his car, it didn’t seem that strange. At the time it didn’t come up in my mind, she was my mother. That’s what you ask me to do and I’ll do it.”

Alison claims she “blocked out” the memory of the alleged molestation for years, until one day when she was driving with her daughter and began “feeling very strange”.

She says she told herself to pull over because she believed she was “going to cause an accident” as the chilling memory returned.

On the effects of the alleged abuse on her today she says: “I don’t think about it. You don’t think about things like that. You don’t put them together in your mind.

‘Mariah thrives off drama'

“You just try to block the whole thing out. You have to pay your bills, get along with your landlord. You do what needs to be done.”

Her allegations are the latest twist in the tangled family life of the Grammy-winning American singer, 50, who rocketed to super-stardom while her sister was on the streets as a hooker.

An insider told The Sun: “Mariah thrives off all the drama that’s attached to her and always has done. The idea of fading into obscurity is her worst nightmare.

“Her thirst for the spotlight hasn’t diminished. She’s just been biding her time to make a meaningful splash again and a memoir is a perfect way of doing just that.

“But the sort of family turmoil and tragedy involving Alison is very much a different story. While Mariah rarely speaks out about these deeply personal issues, it will hurt her to see so much pain in her family.”

Mariah, Alison and their brother Morgan, 60, used to be close after a tough childhood in a dysfunctional household in Huntington, New York.

When their mother, who is white, started dating their father Alfred Roy, who was of African-American and Venezuelan descent, her family disowned her.

The three children suffered racial abuse because of their mixed ethnicity and their parents divorced when Mariah was just three.

She went to stay with her mother, a vocal coach and opera singer, while Alison lived with their father, an aircraft engineer. Their wildly different paths saw Mariah — now worth up to £400million — go on to sell more than 200million records with her soulful voice.

You try to block the whole thing out. You have to pay your bills. You do what needs to be done

Meanwhile Alison, who has four children, claims the pain of her childhood pushed her into prostitution on the streets of New York as a teenager.

The pair were previously close but had a huge falling-out in 1994 — just as Mariah released what went on to be the best-selling Christmas album ever, Merry Christmas, with world- wide sales of 15million.

As their mum Patricia fought Alison for custody of her son Michael, Alison went on US television and alleged that her mother had kidnapped him.

She begged Mariah to take her side but the pop star refused and the sisters have not reconciled.

On reaching out to Mariah now, Alison added: “I would speak to her tomorrow if she called. She is my sister. Of course I would talk to her if she needed any help. If there was anything I could do, I would do it.”

In 2016, Alison was busted for prostitution in upstate New York. 

Alison, who has battled drug and alcohol addictions for most of her adult life, was advertising her services online using lyrics that mirrored Mariah’s 1995 hit Fantasy.

Later that year Alison, who says she is HIV-positive, recorded a heartfelt video to Mariah imploring her to end the rift between them and help her financially.

 She said: “Mariah, I love you. I desperately need your help. Please don’t abandon me like this.”

A representative for the singer claimed at the time that she had spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Alison and her children”. 

Alison is now living in a New York homeless shelter and has been in and out of hospital.

Her bombshell abuse claims were outlined in a Summons with Notice — a document typically filed before a lawsuit under local law — at New York State’s Ulster County Supreme Court in February.

In it, Alison says Patricia “allowed and encouraged other male persons . . . to engage in sexual acts” while she was “approximately ten”.

It adds that Alison was allowed to “witness adults engaged in sexual acts with both adults and children during middle-of-the-night satanic worship meetings that included ritual sacrifices”.

The lawsuit claims Alison has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression, causing her to misuse drugs to suppress the “horrific memories”. Alison is demanding compensation for the alleged abuse following the “immense psychological and physical damage” and “intentional infliction of severe emotional distress”.

Last week she uploaded a YouTube video explaining the allegations in full. In the seven-minute clip, she said she had been a victim of satanic cult abuse at the Unitarian Fellowship Church near her childhood home in Huntington, New York.

She said: “They’d have these big circles of these Satanists round an altar, where the people sometimes wore long cloaks, brown with hoods.

“They’d be in two circles, one inside the other, where there’d be live children and sometimes babies.

“I saw people get stabbed and start bleeding and it would be dripping to the floor. The youngest I ever saw stabbed, I’d say, was about younger than two years old.

“There were several that were two or three years old. You can’t imagine how anyone could get away with that. I think I was forced to do things to other people sexually.

“I know my mother would deny it straight away. As soon as she sees this anywhere, she might just start laughing and shaking her head and say she had no involvement in anything like this. That’s not true.” Patricia, a former singer with New York’s Metropolitan Opera, has yet to respond and attempts to contact her by The Sun were unsuccessful.

The YouTube video, produced by Alison’s Ipswich-born friend David Baker, ends with the words: “Alison is currently homeless. Her apartment lease was not renewed.”

Mr Baker has also set up a website, The Carey Files, which sets out a list of demands, despite insistences that Alison is not after a slice of her famous sister’s fortune.

The website claims Alison wants simpler things such as “a small apartment” or an account with ride-sharing apps Lyft or Uber, as she no longer has a driving licence. It also says she needs teeth implants, plus hair salon and manicurist visits.

Mr Baker, who says he has known Alison for five years, told The Sun: “She intends to sue. We will find a lawyer to do it. Alison is having a rough time. She’s got multiple health problems. The trauma from her childhood caused PTSD. 

“She spent years suppressing the memories. She’s living in a homeless shelter in upstate New York.

I would speak to Mariah tomorrow if she called. If there was anything I could do, I would do it

“Alison and Mariah haven’t spoken in years. With her net worth she can give pocket money that will set Alison up for life. But Alison holds her mother accountable, not Mariah.”

A representative for the pop star was approached for comment last night. 

The news of her sister comes just a couple of weeks after the singer announced her forthcoming autobiography, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey.

Our insider claimed the book would settle scores with her pop rivals, adding: “The word is that she’ll delve deep about her career highs and lows, like the run-ins she’s had with a lot of big names. She’ll be setting the record straight.”

And Mariah herself said: “This book is composed of my memories, my mishaps, my struggles, my survival and my songs.

“My sincere hope is that you are moved to a new understanding not only about me but also about the resilience of the human spirit. Writing this memoir was incredibly hard, humbling and healing.”

Sadly, it looks like no amount of healing can bring the Carey family back together.

Mariah Carey’s sister claims she saw ‘babies STABBED in satanic rituals’

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