A mother tried to smother her four month-old baby while screaming ‘Why don’t you die? Why are you still alive?’ police said

KHOU reported that Dean faces an attempted capital murder charge after last Thursday’s alleged attack at her home in Spring, a suburb of Houston, Texas.

Her boyfriend told police how she punched the youngster, and told of her desire to throw the infant against a wall.

The unnamed boyfriend told how he caught Dean trying to smuggle the child once.

He stopped her, only to catch her a second time.

That interruption halted the violence for that evening, only for Dean to assault her boyfriend as they drove to drop the baby off at daycare the next morning, it is alleged.



Once at the center, the boyfriend told staff what had happened, prompting them to call Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Workers at the daycare noticed the baby was trembling and shaken. The youngster was taken to the Texas Children’s Hospital, and is expected to be okay.

Dean is said to have told investigators that she lashed out after her mother refused to help her with daycare.

She reportedly said she couldn’t care for the baby herself, and was sorry she’d hurt the child.

Dean is currently in Houston’s Ben Taub Hospital, where she is being evaluated for mental health issues.