A detective was left with a life-changing injury after a mother threw her baby at her.

The detective has had to have her hair cut short because she can’t even hold a hairdryer after Kisrty Bearfield, 24, launched her child towards her.

Despite all that happened and the devastating impact it had on the detective’s life, Bearfield was spared jail.

They were at Hull Royal Infirmary when the attack happened in November 2017.

Bearfield was there with her two children, their father and a social worker who decided the children needed to spend that night with their dad.

Prosecutor Philip Evans said: ‘Upon hearing this news the defendant threw [the baby] at the officer with a look of anger on her face.’



The detective managed to catch the baby without him being injured, but she was in immediate discomfort.

She suffered from a trapped nerve in her lower spine and needed surgery. She still does not have full use of her left shoulder and has had to give up hobbies like climbing, swimming and walking.

The detective is also limited in what she can do at work and could not hug her daughter when she started primary school.

She said: ‘It’s heartbreaking as a mother when your child needs comfort and they are asking to be picked up and you have to turn them down. This is all due to Kirsty Bearsfield.

‘I hate that we are forever linked that way as I don’t think I will ever forget her or what happened. It made me leave a role I was good at.

‘I have nightmares about her chucking her son and what could have happened. She needs to be made to realise you can’t behave like that. She robbed me of being able to be a mum to my child and that I can never forgive.’

Bearfield’s laywer Steven Garth described her as an ‘excellent mother’ who had suffered from a difficult life because both her parents were heroin addicts. He also said the baby was ‘airborne for only a split second’.



Judge Watson said: ‘I have decided it would not be right or conscionable for something you did two years ago to immediately deprive you of your liberty.’

She was given a 12-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months.