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My girl’s mum has a violent temper and I want her out for good this time

she abuses me

DEAR DEIDRE: I LOVE my daughter to bits but her mum is a nightmare and I want her to leave.

I’m 29 and she is 31. When I met her I thought she was gorgeous, she blew me away. She already had a young son and that was OK with me.

 I love my girl but her mum is out of control - she even attacks me physically (stock image)

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I love my girl but her mum is out of control - she even attacks me physically (stock image)

Our daughter was born a year later and, by that time, I’d realised I’d made the most awful mistake. The woman’s a control freak with a temper I soon came to dread.

She left and went back to her ex, so I just saw my daughter at weekends. Then she was calling me, saying she missed me and insisting she’d changed. I let her move in again and, yes, she has changed – for the worse.

She attacks me physically when she gets in a rage.

I want her to leave but she has nowhere to go. And how can I make my daughter homeless?

DEIDRE SAYS: I doubt it’s best for your daughter to stay with her mum. She’s volatile and violent. You may need to become your daughter’s main carer.

Talk to Families Need Fathers for advice on your rights (, 0300 0300 363). Men’s Advice Line can give you support (, 0808 801 0327).

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