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New Hollyoaks hunk Callum Kerr says PC Kiss has a dark side as he promises ‘explosive and dangerous’ drugs storyline

NEW Hollyoaks hunk Callum Kerr has teased the explosive storyline that brings policeman George Kiss to the village.

The actor - who will be first seen on screen on January 29 - will arrive in the village after Nancy Osbourne is viciously stabbed - but soon realises there is more going on in the village with the county lines drug dealing.

And he promised George will make an instant impact on the village when he arrives with even blood-soaked Nancy trying to flirt with him as she fights for her life.

Callum exclusively told The Sun Online: "She's covered in jackets with paramedics with her, and I arrive on the scene and I go over to Nancy and introduce myself to her - and although she's just been stabbed she gets a bit giddy, which is hilarious.

"in the past, Hollyoaks' police officershave been notorious for getting up to mischief, but so far George is quite a good egg.

"I've been filming since November and I'm really enjoying playing the nice guy, but it's always good to have something a little bit dirty going on in the background.

"Fingers crossed, let's hope we can get a little bit dark with the character."

He adds: "It's going to be a really explosive, dramatic storyline with lots of drama and lots of heartache. It's touching on such a heartbreaking subject and it's going to be really wild and really fun."

As for whether George could become the village's next serial killer now there's a vacancy, Callum laughed: "It's bound to happen at some point."

He added: "He might be dead by Thursday, so who knows."

Joking about the soap's tendency to kill off major characters and how he would try to avoid it, Callum adds: "Outside of acting that's my general life goal - trying not to die. Call me a method actor, in that case."

PC Kiss is going to be thrust into the hard-hitting county lines storyline when he begins to realise that something big is happening in the village and clash with the likes of drug dealer Jordan.

Callum said: "George is the kind of guy who can handle himself. The thing with people like Jordan is that they don't do the dirty work themselves - they get other vulnerable kids to do it for them.

"It's hard to tackle that situation - so Jordan might not be dangerous physically but he's very cunning and dangerous - especially for the kids. I look forward to George trying to tackle that - and also look forward to tackling some big bad drug dealers - the real gangsters."

But outside of the uniform, George is going to be a heartbreaker in the village.

He added: "I really love the relationship with Nancy after he arrived on the scene after he got stabbed. And there seems to be a few eyes on George.

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"There's been a few little looks and winks between him and Nancy but she's been through a lot of issues in the past so I'm not sure if that would happen."

However one thing he is prepared for is the inevitable naked scenes that Hollyoaks has become known for - but he's managed to dodge filming one so far.

"I'm basically covered from chin to toe - sometimes with a hat on too, so I've escaped those scenes so far," he said.

"Although, I have no doubt that at some point there will be an excuse for Hollyoaks to write in a shirtless scene.

"I joined the gym as soon as I got here and there's panic working out going on now."

* Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following on E4 at 7pm