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Nicola Sturgeon squirms as SNP secrecy over Scotland's coronavirus crisis laid bare

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was savaged for the Scottish Government's actions regarding a Nike Conference held in Scotland at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. During the Tuesday Scottish coronavirus briefing, Sky News' James Matthews grilled the minister on why she believed it was best not to publicly identify the Scottish individuals who had contracted coronavirus during the conference. Ms Sturgeon emphasised the importance of patient confidentiality but stuttered continuously throughout her reply. 

Mr Matthews explained he spoke to participants of the Nike conference and noted many groups of people were together and sharing facilities, ultimately spreading the virus.

Mr Matthews said: "You talk about the interests of public health being best served and assessments being made.

"Looking at the contact between the tour guides who were at the conference, Lloyds bank staff and the Nike delegates, How can you possibly say public health was best protected by saying nothing about the outbreak until it broke in the media?"

Ms Strugeon began by admitting these are legitimate questions but insisted there was no plot or cover up the severity of the coronavirus crisis in Scotland.

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Nicola Sturgeon held the Scottish coronavirus briefing at 12.30 on Tuesday (Image: bbc)

She said: "Ms Sturgeon replied: "These are legitimate questions, I want to stress that.

"But again let me separate the two issues, I know they overlap but they are separate to some extent.

"The time of these cases in Scotland being identified there were only a handful of cases in the whole of Scotland that had been confirmed.

"There were only 10 people from the whole of Scotland who were at this conference so you would have identified people."

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