Orthodox Christian worshippers in Russia and Eastern Europe have been jumping into freezing ice baths to celebrate Epiphany.

Extremely cold-looking photographs illustrate the celebrations, which mark Jesus being baptised in the River Jordan.

This moment was seem as the time Jesus was revealed to the world as the son of God.

Dipping themselves into the water is seen as a ritual bringing people good health and cleansing them of their sins.

People believe that all water becomes holy on the day of Epiphany, while some attribute healing powers to ice water itself.

Many people followed the tradition of retrieving wooden crosses from the rivers and lakes.

In the Orthodox tradition using the Julian calendar, Epiphany is celebrated later, while Western Christians using the Gregorian calendar mark it on January 6.



For Western Christians, Epiphany marks the day the three wise men were said to come and worship Jesus.

In this case, it falls the day after Twelth Night, when it is traditional to take down Christmas decorations.