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Poundland is selling LOL Dolls head cushions for just a quid – and shoppers are buying them in bulk


GOT a child who is obsessed with LOL Dolls? You might want to head down to Poundland. 

A savvy shopper has spotted the bargain store is selling cushions of the popular toy and shoppers are stocking up in bulk. 

The woman shared a photo of her huge shopping haul on Facebook, and shared how she had stocked up on five sparkly heads. 

She wrote on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group: “My bargain of the day, LOL dolls head cushions £1 each. I had to get them couldn't let that go.

“5 available from Poundland.”

Many people said they were desperate to get to the budget store to stock up on the Lol Surprise cushions. 

One wrote: “Thanks will need to get some.”

Another added: “We will need to have a look for them!”

Meanwhile, one Facebook user commented: “I might go see if they have some on ours later.”

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