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Queen Elizabeth news – Broadcasters in war to steal Queen’s Xmas speech as royals banned from playing Monopoly


CHANNEL 4 has entered the race to air the Queen’s Christmas Day speech.

The broadcaster’s application comes in the wake of the Royal Family falling out with the BBC.

An insider said: “This is a bold and unprecedented move from Channel 4.

“But they are a public broadcaster, too, and don’t have any axes to grind. Bosses are continually looking to expand the broadcaster’s remit and give viewers fresh and unexpected programming.

“Channel 4 would definitely love to show the Queen’s speech this year should the BBC be punished again.”

Meanwhile it is also news that The Queen has banned a classic British board game at Christmas after competitive royals got "too vicious".

"The royals love a good game, but monopoly is off the cards," a clip on the family’s YouTube channel, titled Royal Rule Book: The Royal Family's Strangest Rules revealed.

"Prince Andrew said it is banned as it gets too vicious," it added.

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  • Explained: How to get the new commemorative coin?

    The new design will join a collection of commemorative crown pieces from the Royal Mint over the years, which have celebrated the Queen's Silver, Gold and Diamond Jubilees.

    Included in one of the largest collections made by the Royal Mint, the coin will be unveiled next year alongside a commemorative £5 crown.

    Collectors of coins can register their interest to the Royal Mint to claim the commemorative 50p piece.

  • 'The Royal Mint has a proud history'

    Clare Maclennan, divisional director of commemorative coin at the Royal Mint, said: "The Royal Mint has a proud history of striking coins for British monarchs and 2022 sees one of the greatest celebrations of Her Majesty the Queen with the upcoming Platinum Jubilee.

    "Marking 70 days until the anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne, the Royal Mint is delighted to reveal the commemorative Platinum Jubilee 50p design ahead of its launch in the new year.

    "In recognition of the landmark occasion, this is the first time a royal milestone has been commemorated on a 50p coin and is a fitting celebration for Britain's longest reigning monarch."

  • The new 50p commemorative count

    THE Royal Mint has announced a new 50p coin will be launched next year to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

    It will be the first time a royal event will appear on the tails side of the coin and the design has even been approved by the Queen.

    Featuring the number 70 to denote the number of years the Queen has reigned up to 2022, her cypher will also be nestled inside the zero as the central focus of the design.

  • Peter Andre’s patience with Meg and Harry running thin

    Writing in his new! Magazine column in a section entitled ‘Meghan’s moves are wearing thin’, the dad-of-four explained: “It’s a tough one with Meghan and Prince Harry.

    “I’ve always stuck up for them, but I do think some of the choices that are being made are not great.

    “I want to support them but they’re making it quite difficult for people. Many are saying it’s started to wear thin, but on the other hand they have also done some great things for charity.”

    Meghan made a surprise appearance on Ellen’s show last week – eight months after her bombshell Oprah interview back in March.

    Meghan stunned the world in that chat as she opened up on feeling suicidal and accused a royal of racism towards Archie.

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  • Meghan & Harry's intensified media coverage

    A royal expert has claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's decision to move their office from Kensington Palace led to intensified media coverage. 

    Royal expert Roya Nikkhah said the move "fuelled" speculation about the couple.

    She added: "For a long time William and Harry shared a household.

    "But then of course when they divided, then they had their own separate aids, and their own separate communications teams, who brief.

    "That fuels a lot of the media coverage."

  • Inside Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first Thanksgiving

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have celebrated their first Thanksgiving as a family-of-four after welcoming daughter Lilibet in June.

    For the second year in a row, the couple have marked the US holiday at their home in exclusive Montecito, California.

    And the family will have spent the day together before enjoying a meal prepared by Meghan.

    In her recent interview on The Ellen Show, the duchess revealed they’ll “relax” and make the most of time spent together.

    “I love to cook, we’ll be at home and just relax and sort of settle in,” she said.

    “It’s our second Thanksgiving at home in California, so it will be nice.”

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  • Meghan podcast ‘delayed’

    Alongside the BBC’s controversial Princes and the Press, the BBC was set to release a five-part podcast yesterday exploring the royals and the press.

    However it was mysteriously delayed at the eleventh hour.

    The Beeb said: “The podcast is still in production and will now be released as a box set when it’s ready.” The delay came as the BBC said it was replacing the title of last night’s documentary from ‘Megxit’ with Sussexit’ after claims by Prince Harry that the term was sexist.

  • Meghan changed Diana's ring

    WHEN Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement back in November 2018, we were nothing short of obsessed with the former Suits star’s diamond ring.

    Designed by Prince Harry himself, the Duchess of Sussex’s stunning sparkler even features two of the late Princess Diana‘s diamonds – but less than two years later, it underwent a dramatic transformation.

    The stunning sparkler originally had a thick gold band which beautifully offset the row of three diamonds.

    However, Duchess seems to have reset her ring with a much thinner, diamond-studded micro-pave gold band.

  • Charlotte, George & Louis are a fan of GONKS

    Like many Brits, the royal family are wild about gonks, Kate Middleton’s mum Carole has revealed.

    Taking to her Party Pieces’ Instagram page, she revealed that she would be stocking up on her supply for her grandkids, Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three.

    Carole uploaded a photo of some of the festive gonks that her party supplies business is selling this Christmas.

    She added in the caption: “I’m going to need a few of these cheeky chaps this December, to hide around the house and make my grandchildren laugh.

    “As much as I love immaculate decorations, we can’t be too serious at Christmas!”

  • Meghan ‘drove out’ employees

    In last night’s programme, Meghan’s lawyer denied the duchess has ever bullied her staff – but insisted: “She wouldn’t want to negate anyone’s personal experiences.”

    Jenny Afia of Schillings addressed claims Meg inflicted “emotional cruelty” on employees and “drove them out”.

    Meghan was the only Royal Family member to take part — raising the possibility the BBC told her what was going to be in the documentary while leaving the rest of the royals in the dark.

  • Queen tells Royal Family she is ‘far better’ and will host traditional Christmas at Sandringham

    The Queen has told the Royal Family she is now “far better” and able to host the traditional Christmas at Sandringham following her health scare, according to sources.

    Her Majesty, 95, has moved to reassure her family she is on the mend and “looking forward” to the festive family gathering at her Norfolk estate.

    Fears over the Queen’s health were sparked in recent weeks after the monarch was forced to pull out of a number of engagements due to a back sprain.

    On the advice of her doctors she has been resting at Windsor Castle after becoming injured almost two weeks ago.

    Last month she spent a night in hospital for an unspecified condition.

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  • Meghan's treatment on South Africa tour

    A royal expert has claimed that Prince Harry was reportedly "furious" over Meghan Markle's treatment during the couple's royal tour of South Africa. 

    Royal expert Robert Jobson made the claims in the final episode of the two-part BBC documentary The Prince and The Press. 

    He said Prince Harry was "extremely furious with the whole media" as he gave a speech on the outskirts of Johannesburg. 

    He added: "He didn't want to look at the cameras. He didn't want to interact."

  • Monopoly ban

    The popular board game is beloved by many, but the Monarch claims it "gets too vicious" so forbids the game altogether.

    Prince Andrew let the secret slip in 2008 when he attended Leeds Building Society’s newly-refurbished Albion Street headquarters, reports.

    Before leaving the Duke of York was given the property board game Monopoly to mark his visit, however, was forced to politely decline.

    He reportedly said: “we are not allowed to play Monopoly at home”.

    And explained the game could cause arguments within the family, as “it gets too vicious,” The Daily Telegraph reported.

  • Royal news you may have missed

  • Real reason Queen gave up her nightly dry martini

    THE Queen has stopped having her daily dry martini, it has been reported.

    Last month, it was said Her Majesty, 95, was cutting down on her alcohol, and now royal sommelier Demetri Walters has revealed the reason.

    Speaking to the Daily Mail, the wine professional said: “It’s bad for her joints, and she can’t drink too much when she’s doing all these royal engagements — it’s not a job you can drink in.”

    However, the monarch hasn’t given up booze entirely, and still enjoys a glass of wine with her meal. 

    Demetri added that he has a tough job, as the Queen is very selective about the vintage of the bottle.

    The sommelier continued: “I choose for the Queen, but she’s quite exacting, as she doesn’t drink much wine at the moment.”

  • Incredible 'boost and an honour' for refugees to see Prince William

    Prince William spent time with refugee families today, as well as representatives from Leeds City Council and the Refugee Council, and even stopped in to see little ones enjoying themselves in a playroom.

    His visit to Yorkshire and the Humber comes on the same day that councils in the area announced their pledge to welcome 1,000 asylum seekers under the Afghan resettlement programmes.

    There are currently 12,000 refugees in hotels across the country.

    Dave Brown, head of Migration Yorkshire, said: “For those people who had to flee for their lives from Afghanistan, it was an incredible boost and an honour seeing the Duke of Cambridge, and also for all those who have worked tirelessly to support them."

    The chief executive of Refugee Council Enver Solomon called William's visit a "real privilege".

  • Meghan 'drove out' employees

    In last night's programme, Meghan's lawyer denied the duchess has ever bullied her staff - but insisted: "She wouldn't want to negate anyone's personal experiences."

    Jenny Afia of Schillings addressed claims Meg inflicted "emotional cruelty" on employees and "drove them out".

    Meghan was the only Royal Family member to take part — raising the possibility the BBC told her what was going to be in the documentary while leaving the rest of the royals in the dark.

  • 'Negative stories' leaked

    Omid Scobie, author of sympathetic Meghan and Harry biography Finding Freedom, claimed "negative stories" had been leaked about the duchess to "put her in her place".

    No evidence was provided and he wasn't challenged on the allegation by presenter Amol Rajan.

    The Duke of Cambridge is said to be deeply upset at the suggestion.

    He has reportedly banned his aides from ever briefing against family members after seeing the devastating impact of his parents' media war first-hand.

    Meanwhile, in last night's programme, Meghan's lawyer denied the duchess has ever bullied her staff - but insisted: "She wouldn't want to negate anyone's personal experiences."

  • Prince William visits refugee shelter

    PRINCE William has visited a refugee shelter this afternoon - hours after the BBC aired a controversial documentary about his rift with Harry.

    The Duke of Cambridge was seen smiling as he chatted with Afghan nationals at a hotel in Leeds about their experiences.

    And he appeared to be brushing off programme The Princes and The Press as he returned to official duties following last night's episode.

  • Queen sends message to Barbados

    Today, Barbados, in the Caribbean became a republic nation.

    The Queen has sent her "good wishes" to Barbados as the Caribbean country severs ties with the Crown to become a republic.

    In a message sent to Barbados’ first president Dame Sandra Mason, the Queen said: “On this significant occasion and your assumption of office as the first president of Barbados, I extend my congratulations to you and all Barbadians.

    “I first visited your beautiful country on the eve of independence in early 1966, and I am very pleased that my son is with you today."

  • Charles & Camilla mark important day

    Today, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall have marked an important date in the Scottish calendar.

    The Royal Twitter account for the pair posted a picture of them at a previous visit to Scotland along with well-wishes for St Andrew's Day.

    The occasion traditionally sees people come together to celebrate Scottish culture through dance and music.

  • Royals to attend Beijing Winter Olympics?

    Labour has pressed the Government to answer whether royal and Government figures will attend the Beijing Olympics.

    Shadow foreign minister Stephen Kinnock that: "documents emerged which clearly demonstrate the orders to commit genocide in Xinjiang are coming from the very top of the Chinese Communist Party".

    He added that the party has been calling for a "full diplomatic and political boycott" the games in response to the allegations. 

    Mr Kinnock asked: "Does the minister think that it is appropriate to send members of our Royal Family to the Beijing Olympics to rub shoulders with the very people who are orchestrating these horrific crimes against their own people?"

    Foreign Office minister Amanda Milling replied, saying: "As I have said in previous answers, we have imposed sanctions but in terms of attendance at the Winter Olympics, no decisions have been made."