Coronavirus restrictions remain in place in Wales, despite the majority of rules having been lifted in England.

The devolved nations of the UK have followed their own plans for lifting lockdown restrictions this summer, which means anyone visiting Wales from England will face different rules to the ones they are used to.

While social distancing, compulsory face coverings and limits on gatherings have been scrapped in England, Wales still has strict rules in place.

However, from August 7, the rules are set to change again as Wales moves to Alert Level 0.

According to the Welsh government: "Regardless of your country of residence for everyone living, working or visiting Wales it is important that we all follow the current guidance and rules that apply here in Wales."

Here are the rules you need to know about if you are heading to Wales this summer.

The rules in place now

Unlike in England, everyone aged 11 and over in Wales must continue to wear a face covering in all indoor public places unless they are exempt.

In hospitality venues, face coverings need to be worn when you are moving about the premises - but you can remove them while seated at your table.

Limits also remain on the number of people allowed to gather indoors in Wales.

Only six people or less are allowed to meet indoors in private homes and in hospitality settings. The rules also apply to holiday accommodation.

Organised indoor events are allowed to take place - but only with up to 1,000 people seated and up to 200 standing.

Limits remain on the number of people allowed to meet up indoors in Wales

Social distancing is required inside indoor venues.

People meeting up outdoors have a personal choice as to whether they stick to social distancing.

In outdoor settings, there are no limits on how many people can meet up in public places or at events.

Nightclubs and adult entertainment venues in Wales are still closed.

What will change from August 1?

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford has said that almost all coronavirus restrictions will be lifted on August 7.

However, the wearing of face masks will remain compulsory on public transport and in most indoor settings, apart from hospitality settings.

Limits on the number of people allowed to meet up indoors will be scrapped and all businesses and premises can reopen, including nightclubs.