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Security flaw in baby monitors allows hackers to take VIDEOS of your child and spread them across the internet

A POPULAR baby monitor has been blasted by experts for having vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to access the device and view images and videos.

The camera in question reportedly comes with an increased risk of third parties being able to spy on children, without parents even knowing.

According to research by Bitdefender, the baby alarm iBaby Monitor M6S has some serious security risks .

Bitdefender chief security researcher and expert in digital threats said Alexandru “Jay” Balan: "The vulnerabilities we found in the iBaby camera allow an attacker to access the camera's images, video footage and private information, such as the user's email address, name, location and profile picture."

The problem is that the baby monitor needs to be connected to the internet to work but doesn't appear to have all the correct security measures in place, meaning hackers can easily access files.

Bitdefender says it tried its best to get in contact with the seller of the monitors but has had no luck so far so the issues have not been patched.

Balan also stressed that this isn't the first time an internet connected video surveillance device has shown these flaws.

The expert said: "We have researched the iBaby Monitor M6S because it is a popular internet-connected product.

"No doubt, there are countless other IoT [Internet of Things] devices that are at least as vulnerable, but haven't been revealed yet."

Bitdefender recommends keeping all your software up to date if you want to try and protect your smart devices from hackers.

It also recommends applying two factor authentication to your tech, which means using a separate device to verify who your are every time you log in.

Having difficult passwords is always advisable.

You can also scan your home devices to look for vulnerabilities using tech such as the Bitdefender Home Scanner.

We've reached out to iBaby for comment.

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