This adorable wedding ceremony between two pugs is sure to put a smile on the face of dog lovers.

Kevin and Motsi, named after the stars of Strictly Come Dancing, tied the knot at a special charity event held at Eccles Hall, in Earsdon, North Tyneside, on Sunday.

The seven-year-olds were dressed in bride and groom outfits and said their "vows" in front of 50 to 60 other pugs who had gathered for their big day.

They promised to share all their treats with each other before getting their own wedding certificate. The ceremony was followed by games, including a sausage race.

The fun event was held in aid of the Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue Association and raised around £500 for the charity.

The idea of the wedding came from Karen White, of South Shields, a supporter of the charity who has been fostering Kevin and Motsi since just before Christmas.

The dogs are due to go to their 'forever' home in Northern Ireland in March.

Pugs Kevin and Motsi tied the knot at a wedding ceremony in Earsdon
Pugs Kevin and Motsi tied the knot at a wedding ceremony in Earsdon

Karen, who teaches dog agility and runs a pug club, said it was all done as a bit of fun and also helped to raise money for the charity.

The outfits for the dogs were made by her friend Gwen Oake, who runs a business called Canine Couture.

She added: "Kevin and Motsi have already had babies. I thought that since they had already had puppies, he could make an honest woman out of her before they go to Northern Ireland.

Pugs Kevin and Motsi at their wedding
Pugs Kevin and Motsi at their wedding

"I walked Motsi down the aisle. After the vows, they got a wedding certificate and Motsi even got a wedding band.

"Everyone enjoyed it - it put a smile on everyone's face. There were between 50 to 60 pugs there, some from the rescue and others with their owners.

"We have always supported the charity and this was a good way to raise money for them."