SERIOUS fly-tipping in a community has been branded as 'appalling' by an angry resident.

Yunus Mangera has hit out at fly-tippers who have dumped building waste, sofas and even a mattress on land off Dickens Street, Blackburn.

It is not the first time fly-tippers have targeted the dirt track off Dickens Street, with Mr Mangera saying it has been a problem for years.

Mr Mangera, 72, who lives on Dickens Street, said: "It's appalling.

"The fly-tipping is taking place on the dirt track off Dickens Street.

"They've dumped building rubble, white bags, mattresses, sofas, chairs and general household and business waste."

A resident of 34 years on the street, Mr Mangera said he has contacted Blackburn with Darwen Council about the problem.

But he said the council are not doing anything about the problem.

Mr Mangera said: "I've contacted the council on numerous occasions and they keep coming up with excuses saying the land is unadopted.

"This has been a problem for years.

He said the problem has got so bad that the mess is causing rats and mice to get into his house.

He said: "I'm scared to open the door of my house because there are rats and mice running around and I've seen a few that have been in the house.

"It's appalling and is a serious health hazard.

"I have two young grandchildren who I will only let play in the front garden of the house because it's not safe for them.

He added: "I just want people to stop fly-tipping and for the council to do something about it as the area has got worse over the years.

"It's making me want to move out of the area.

"The problem is being caused by people dumping waste from outside the area."

Cllr Jim Smith, the borough's environmental boss, said the council will remove waste when it's reported and clamp down on fly-tippers.

He added: "The council will clean waste every single time when it's reported.

"If we see people fly-tip we'll catch them and fine them and if they dump waste from a van, we'll take their van off them.

"But we need people to report it when they see it happen and we'll be looking into the issue that has been raised here."