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Slimmer, 27, on front of Weight Watchers magazine after losing 5 stone

The 27-year-old, of Newton Aycliffe, was selected for the issue after taking part in a photoshoot in London this summer and sharing the story of her weight loss from 15 to ten stone.

Miss Miller, who did not know she would make the front page, said: “I just couldn’t believe it.

"It’s so bizarre going into Tesco and seeing myself on the shelves with all these other magazines with models on the front.”

As a teenager Miss Miller’s weight crept up to 15 stone and in 2011 she decided to take action. She shed four stone during a stint at a weight loss class but in the following years put on three stone of what she had lost.

In January this year Miss Miller put an end to her continued struggle with weight and, inspired by posts on Instagram, joined Weight Watchers.

She had been using the platform as a way of keeping a food diary but started to see more and more posts from people having success with Weight Watchers.

At 13.2 stone she signed up to her local group at the Pioneering Care Centre and by April the determined club member had dropped to her 10.10 stone goal.

Miss Miller turned her attention to exercise and joined the town’s Aspire Fitness Studios which helped her tone up, lose a further seven pounds and four inches from around her waist.

“The biggest change is I’m happier,” she said. “If I had a bad day in the past I would come home and crack open a bottle of wine and box of chocolates.

"Instead I have my fitness classes.

"There are times when I really can’t be bothered but 45 minutes later I come out and feel amazing.”

She puts her continued success down to Instagram, where she now has almost 19,000 followers.

“I would never have tried Weight Watchers if it wasn’t for Instagram,” said Miss Miller.

"“I get support from people I’ve never met before who check in with me all the time.

"I get people asking me for tips and advice. It’s nice that it works both ways.”

Follow Miss Miller on Instagram @stevielena_wwgoldmember

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