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Super Saturday boozers share excitement at pub return with one saying he ‘missed it more than wife when she left him’

BOOZERS have shared their excitement at returning to the pubs in hilarious ways - including one saying he missed them more than his wife when she left him.

Thousands of thirsty Brits poured into pubs and restaurants to mark Super Saturday today after three months in lockdown.

Some were eager to share their excitement at being allowed back inside their locals for a few pints as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Bert Lockley enjoyed his first post-lockdown pint of Guiness this morning at the The Shropshire Arms in Chester.

"Heaven... I've missed this more than my missus when she left," he told Sky News.

"You can drink at home but you can't get this feeling anywhere else."

Another keen boozer named Jimmy said he couldn't wait to enjoy a beer at his local in Manchester this morning.

Straight off night shift, and without any sleep, he grabbed a pint at The Shiredale.

"Having my first Carling was like an angel p***ing on the tip of my tongue," he told the Manchester Evening News.

"It's great that it's back on draught. I'm sick of cans in the house."

Others shared hilarious posts online to share their joy about pubs opening their doors.

One shared a funny graphic explaining how social-distancing rules stayed the same no matter how many beers were had.

Others joked about asking for a Corona - "hold the virus", using a scene from The Office to show bartenders' likely unimpressed reaction.

A meme doing the rounds on social media showed two workers wearing hazmat protection suits while working with a tank - accompanied by the caption: "Tapping the barrel at the local pub".

A Twitter user shared a picture showing the locations of all the pubs in England overwhelming a map of the country "in case you can't find one".

Another tweet hilariously exaggerated the size of the crowds at Wetherspoons as Brits rushed to the pubs.

Boris Johnson warned punters "don't let us down" as he urged them to stick to social distancing on Super Saturday.

Drinkers have been sinking pints all day as pubs threw open their doors from 6am - with the revellers largely sticking to the rules and keeping safe.

Some spots, like Borough Market in London, were packed with punters in large groups getting stuck in.

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