At least 42 mourners were infected with coronavirus at a funeral for a 92-year-old woman in Texas.

One person is in critical condition in hospital following the 'super-spreader' event which had over 100 attendees.

The group of mourners gathered to pay their respects to nonogenarian Nancy Sue Kaddatz, who had died just three days prior.

The funeral-goers gathered at the Marshall & Marshall Funeral Directors home in Hillsboro on November 8.

Video of the funeral was live-streamed on Facebook and showed some failing to wear a mask and observe social distancing.

Pictures showed how mourners packed into the funeral home

Kaddatz’s daughter, Delynda Cruz, said she began feeling ill around two days after the funeral.

"I got chills on Tuesday night, and then Wednesday morning I ran a little bit of a fever," she told local station KDFW-TV.

Some of the people who contracted Covid-19 there were aged between three and 90 years old, she said.

Video of the funeral was live-streamed on Facebook

Local regulations allow for funeral homes to operate at 75 per cent capacity, reports the Daily Mail.

She has now issued a warning to others to respect the virus and learn from her family's mistake.

"Because of that, we definitely want other people to learn from what we didn’t know was a mistake," Cruz said.

Cruz, second from right, is seen posing with relatives
Delynda Cruz of Hill County, Texas

"All of us have been sick. Seriously sick."

Cruz added: "It was frightening knowing that I could’ve been the one that gave my 90-year old aunt [Covid-19].

"Do your gathering outside," she said.

"This has been a real emotional toll," Cruz added. "Today I feel like I can’t get much air. I'm exhausted, fatigued."