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Surgeon ‘strangled his wife to death and dumped her body in a pond’ after she requested a restraining order

A SURGEON allegedly strangled his wife to death and dumped her body in a pond after she requested a restraining order against him.

Ingolf Tuerk, 58, admitted to killing his 45-year-old wife, Kathleen McLean, on Saturday - just two days after she was reported missing, according to the Boston Globe.

The former Massachusetts surgeon - who had worked as a urologist at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Boston before losing his job in 2019 over billing fraud - was denied his request to return to his estranged wife last Wednesday.

He reportedly got into a violent argument with McLean on Thursday.

The following day, according to a police report obtained by the Boston Globe, Tuerk was discovered unconscious with a knife and needle close by in a Dedham hotel.

It was then Tuerk reportedly confessed to authorities that McLean allegedly struck him with a glass object in the head during their argument - prompting him to strangle her.

Police said Tuerk "realized he went too far" and drove her body in his jeep to a local pond, according to the news outlet.

Mclean's body was found Saturday night by police in Dover, Massachusetts, located about 20 miles outside of Boston and close to the couple's home.

She was naked from the waist up and had rocks and stones inside her pants, police reported.

Tuerk was arrested and charged with murder following the discovery of his wife's corpse.

According to investigators, Tuerk reported his wife missing on Friday and texted a friend: "Curt I am sorry brother but she is a vindictive devil, she played us all, I am really sorry brother, but she manipulated us all, love you Harry," NBC Boston reported.

The couple dated for two years prior to getting married in Las Vegas in December.

According to a police report, McLean filed a restraining order against Tuerk on February 7 because she was "afraid" of her husband and "did not know what he would do once she had filed for divorce."

Back in February, Tuerk had been facing charges that he repeatedly attacked his wife - including strangling her and cutting her with scissors, the Boston Globe reported.

McLean said her husband once allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and told her: "I’m the king of this castle... you are only a guest."

In a May 2 court affidavit, she wrote: "I feel safe and would like to bring my family back together with my husband."

Authorities were investigating McLean’s Thursday disappearance, described as “suspicious,” and “developed information” regarding her whereabouts, the Boston Herald reported.

Tuerk pleaded not guilty during his arraignment in Dedham District Court on Monday and denied bail.

His charges come after months of alleged abuse.

Last year, Tuerk reached a settlement agreement with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office after he faced allegations of falsely billing the state’s Medicaid Program, reported, citing records.

He agreed to pay $150,000 to resolve the accusations which claimed he wrongly billed MassHealth “for portions of surgical procedures that never took place and office visits that he did not attend or supervise.”

The attorney general’s office said last year: “Under the terms of a settlement agreement, Ingolf Tuerk, a medical doctor who practiced urology at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton, will pay $150,000 to resolve allegations that he caused improper billings to MassHealth of over $31,000.”

“Dr. Tuerk must also implement a multi-year compliance program at his own expense if he continues to practice medicine in Massachusetts after 2019.”

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