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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is ‘back together’ with husband David Eason after his assault arrest and her vow to leave him

FORMER Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is “back together” with her husband, David Eason, after she vowed to leave him following his assault arrest against her friend.

Jenelle’s pal James Spivey, who alleged David assaulted him with a gun and threatened to “blow” his “f**king brains out,” exclusively revealed to The Sun that she has taken her husband back again.

James told The Sun: “She’s claiming she’s with relatives, but it’s the opposite. She’s staying at the property. They’re back together.

“She made it very clear she doesn’t want to be alone. She doesn’t want to live on the property alone.”

David, 31, was arrested on June 12 for assault with a deadly weapon and communicating threats when Jenelle, James and his partner, Josh, went to their North Carolina home to obtain her belongings following a week of arguing.

Jenelle told Celebernation, who broke the arrest: "I'm shaking and saddened by this, it's time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere.”

Jenelle, 28, also revealed her plans to file a restraining order against David.

But James told The Sun: “She hasn’t filed the restraining order. On Friday she had the paperwork for the restraining order, but did not file it on Monday like she said.

“When she reached out to me and Josh, she said she had to get out of the relationship. She said she was filing a restraining order, but she didn’t do it.”

On Wednesday, David posted a video on his TikTok account of their daughter Ensley, 3, Jenelle’s son Kaiser, 5, from a previous relationship and his daughter Maryssa, 12, from a former marriage.

Jenelle could be heard talking in the background, confirming she is back in their North Carolina home.

The arrest warrant obtained by The Sun claimed David “did assault” James "with a deadly weapon, a Springfield handgun, by hitting James Spivey in the back of the neck and on his back with the handgun.”

As The Sun reported, David filed a criminal summons against James following his arrest.

The complaint claimed James “did assault David Martin Eason with a deadly weapon, a homemade forged coat rack, by pushing the victim and by striking the victim about the left arm with a coat rack made of wood and forged metal (railroad spikes.)”

David and James have court on July 6.

A source previously told The Sun Maryssa, Kaiser and Ensley witnessed the physical altercation.

The insider claimed: “The kids witnessed the altercation, they were crying. They saw David hit James with the gun. When he hit him in the back, if that gun went off, his kids would’ve been in jeopardy. The kids would’ve been dead.

“CPS needs to be involved. The kids need to be protected.”

The insider also gave more details on the altercation.

The source alleged: “She was scared to go alone and she needed help to get her kids and belongings.

“When David came out of the bedroom, he was in a towel. He went back in the room and came out with blue jean shorts and a pistol.”

The source continued: “David told him he wanted to ‘f**k him up.’ He then shoved him in the chest and he landed on his lower back.”

James, who is disabled and has lumbar issues, then allegedly grabbed a coat rack and used it as a shield against David, who was holding the gun.

The insider alleged: "He just used it as a shield. He did not shove him. He was defending himself.”

The source claimed the charges were “retaliation” against James and “not true.”

The charges came after a week of fighting for Jenelle and David, as he claimed she “deserted” him for her “drug addict” friend.

The two unfollowed each other on social media.

In October 2019, Jenelle left David and moved to Nashville with Ensley and Kaiser.

Jenelle, who is also mom to son Jace, 10, filed a temporary restraining order request against David, alleging 11 incidents of abuse.

But she dropped the order and moved back into their North Carolina home earlier this year.

Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 in May 2019 when David admitted to shooting and killing the family’s French bulldog for nipping at Ensley.

Child Protective Services also removed their children from their care.

The children were returned in July 2019 after a series of court hearings.

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