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Terrified Katie Price arrives at hospital for five hour operation where two surgeons slice open her heels

KATIE Price arrived at hospital today for a five hour operation where two surgeons sliced open her heels.

Katie, 42, looked terror-struck as boyfriend Carl Woods wheeled her inside for an operation on her two feet following a recent accident whilst on holiday in Turkey. 

A source revealed the grim details of Katie's op, telling The Sun Online: "Katie is terrified - the operation will take five hours and have two highly skilled surgeons working on her at the same time.

"They'll slice open her heels and put metal pins in her feet. Everyone's telling Katie she's in good hands but she's still scared."

Katie's lower legs and feet were seen wrapped up in colourful plaster casts and she carried a bag of belongings for her stay.

After parking up at the hospital, Carl, 31, hoisted Katie from their taxi and transferred her to a wheel chair.

Katie was able to raise a smile when a member of the public recognised her from afar and wished her well.

She waved and thanked the fan, smiling as she showed off her new pearly white teeth after flying to Turkey to get veneers.

On Wednesday Katie took to Instagram on Tuesday to give her 2.3 million followers an update since she sustained the injury in Turkey last month.

She told fans she was in "absolute agony" after shattering her heels jumping from a wall in a waterpark.

Posting a video of her glittery foot casts on her Story, Katie said: "So after another hospital trip today, I had to do my Covid test again - obviously because I haven’t got it and I’m having my op this week.

"And as you can see they had to slice through my cast ready for my operation on my poor feet. So much agony, so much agony," she added.

Katie has since been warned that she will lose her legs if her feet get infected after the operation.

She is said to be petrified after doctors warned her the wounds cannot get infected following the op.

A source exclusively told The Sun Online: “Katie's doctors have warned her she must take her recovery seriously and it's left her terrified.

"She's prone to getting infections after operations, and her surgeon says she could lose a leg if her feet get infected.

"She'll have to be so, so careful - she'll have medical professionals on call 24/7 - and change the dressings regularly. She's got a long road ahead of her."

The businesswoman has already been briefed her recovery could be up to six months, if all goes to plan with the procedure.

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