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The Big Bang Theory fans spot timeline plot hole with Sheldon Cooper and child genius Dennis Kim


FANS of The Big Bang Theory have spotted a timeline plot hole involving Sheldon Cooper and child genius Dennis Kim.

The beloved sitcom came to an end last year after 12 seasons and ever since viewers have been combing through old episodes for their fix of nostalgia.

The latest blunder takes place way back in episode 12 of the show’s debut season when Sheldon (Jim Parsons), who doesn't like to be outdone in anyway, is introduced to Dennis (Austin Lee).

At the time, teen Dennis was given tours of California Institute of Technology when he revealed he is youngest recipient of the prestigious Stevenson Award - a record Sheldon previously held.

However, viewers have since re-watched the episode and figured out a glaring issue of Dennis' apparent accomplishment from Stanford University.

According to eagle-eyed viewers, Dennis' timeline for when he received the academic honour doesn't quite add up, and in fact Sheldon would still hold this title of youngest achiever.

Highlighting the blunder, a Reddit user named the_timps shared: "So they meet Dennis Kim, and he says he's starting Grad school at 15.

"Sheldon says he started at 14. Dennis says: 'I lost a year tunnelling out of North Korea.' Leonard replies: 'Advantage Kim'."

The loyal fans explained that despite successfully tunnelling out of North Korea, this still left Dennis a year behind Sheldon.

Adding: "If Kim tunnelling out DID lose a year, then he's equal to Sheldon, not ahead. But he's still starting a year later."

Later in the episode titled 'The Jerusalem Duality', the teenager mocked Sheldon by telling him he "was" the youngest person to win the award.

But the comment causes the Reddit user to highlight, once again: "He's already older than Sheldon was when he won it. He can't win it earlier than Sheldon did."

The furore comes after a series of fake announcements claiming The Big Bang Theory would return for a 13th season, which left many fans heartbroken.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix.

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