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The holiday destinations that have not yet reported coronavirus

HOLIDAYS around the the world have been left up in the air as cases of coronavirus continue to rise, particularly in Europe.

With Italy reporting more than 400 cases, and hotels in France, Austria and Spain on lock down, we reveal the popular travel destinations that haven't yet reported coronavirus.

There are still a number of destinations Brits can travel to which currently have no reported cases of the infectious virus.

However, this could still change at short notice, so it is advised to be up to date with local travel advice, as countries remain on high alert.

Where in Europe has coronavirus not been reported?

Destinations in Europe close to the UK which remain unaffected include Ireland, Portugal and Malta all of which have no reported cases.

The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are some of the other holiday destinations yet to be affected.

But two Hungarians, one in Vienna and one in Japan, have been diagnosed with coronavirus, while one person in Lisbon is suspected to have the virus, so it is worth checking the latest advice before travelling for last minute updates.

Until then, the countries are currently monitoring the situation but the travel advice states the countries are safe to travel with no restrictions.

Despite this, it is worth taking out travel insurance and checking you are covered in case of a coronavirus outbreak.

An outbreak could result in flights being cancelled or hotels being closed, as well as additional expenses when booking new flights.

Where else in the world has coronavirus not been reported?

Holidays further afield to Morocco or Cape Verde can go ahead without any travel updates, as coronavirus has not spread to these regions in Africa.

Turkey and Mexico, popular with British tourists booking package holidays, are also not currently threatened with any travel advice with no coronavirus reports.

Bali and New Zealand are coronavirus-free at the time of publication.

Despite facing no reports of the virus, the countries are still struggling as tourism plummets.

Indonesia is planning on spending more than £500,000, on a tourism drive due to a drop in numbers, while the finance minister of New Zealand said the country faces "serious impact" from the virus.

You can catch coronavirus from spending just 15 minutes within 2m of infected people

It is advised against travelling to the north of Italy after 400 cases of coronavirus were reported across Lombardy and Veneto.

While cases have been reported in over 40 countries, there are no other travel warnings in place by the UK government apart from Italy and China.

Here is the latest travel advice for Greece, Austria and Thailand.