Wales is home to 12,500 millionaires, and young entrepreneur Ashley Richards is hoping one of the next to join the exclusive group.

The 19-year-old, from Tenby, who failed his GCSEs, is living the fantasy life from his seaside home as he makes £10,000 a week working about two hours a day.

He is feature on BBC Wales' new documentary, Young Welsh and Pretty Minted, making £2,000 in just 30 seconds.

Armed with only his laptop and a mobile, he has been known to bring home £8,000 in one day by trading currency online.

The money supports his appetite for fast cars and designer watches, but with his mates all working full time, it can be a lonely place to be.

Ashley from Tenby loves expensive cars and designer watches
Ashley from Tenby loves expensive cars and designer watches

During the show, self-taught Ashley explains what he does: "I buy a currency at a lesser price and sell it at a higher price, it can all depend on various things like interest rates, bank decisions, Brexit.

"I am always looking at trends in the market. I had to teach myself how to do it online. I probably downloaded about 400 eBooks."

It all started when he withdrew £450 out of his bank account on the day he found out he hadn't passed his GCSEs.

He can trade from anywhere in the world, and usually starts his day with two hours of trading in the morning.

Catching up with Ashley after the show was filmed, he explained: "It's the foreign exchange - all sorts of currency.

"My friend got me into it, he was doing it and I got into it via him - I'm not at his level yet," he laughs.

"I've always been looking at what I can do later in life as a job, with minimal GCSEs.

"I'm not very smart on paper, I'd say. Not academic.

"I had to look at stuff that wasn't really academic related. There was no other way.

"For me, I felt I either had to go via school, go to university and get a normal job like that or find my own path."

Ashley working while on holiday
Ashley working while on holiday

Talking through his day, Ashley said: "I wake up and I analyze the currency pairs, check the fundamentals, check the news and I decide to place a trade, or not place a trade, pretty much.

"Then I get on with what I need to do for the day then. Some days I've spent 12 hours sat at the computer, some days it's two-three hours a day."

Back on the show he said: "I then leave it to the night time and check the trade.

"The amount of work that I do for the amount of income that I get is outrageous. I don't think you can match it in any other industry."

But living the high life does have its lows.

Ashley says: "It does get lonely. I work from my office in my house, sleep in my house, watch my TV in my house, so I am constantly indoors.  I want to get out and converse with people.

"I work like I am retired. A lot of friends take the mick. I am only young and I am looking at other strands of income. I would like to retire at an early age."

And he has some advice for anyone looking to replicate what he does: "You've just got to get your head onto it, learn as much as you can.

"It's tricky to understand at the start but out of all the ways to make money online, I tried everything, but I found it the easiest to get my head around."

The show also features Alex Pike, from Swansea, who has been rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in Cannes as he strives to make his dreams of becoming the next Julien MacDonald come true.

Swansea fashion designer Alex is one of the stars of Young Welsh and Pretty Minted

The 24-year-old is being photographed on a multi-million pound yacht with a model after he was invited to take part in an event at the French town's famous film festival.

Alex, who describes his designs as catwalk avant-garde, would one day love to dress festival stars like Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez - and would even be happy making clothes for Holly Willoughby.

Cannes is a very different backdrop to his home on a Swansea estate, but a lot of his designs have taken shape.

The Swansea estate where Alex grew up
The Swansea estate where Alex grew up

Describing his designs, which use a lot of rhinestone, Alex says: “My fashion is very avant garde, very catwalk, very A-lister... red carpet. It’s very bling, it’s young, it’s sexy, it’s very ‘Look at me, I’m the rich b****’!”

His outfits can take up a week to do and he hand sews the rhinestones himself.

A freestyle dancer he went from wearing the costumes to designing them himself and his career took off when he was picked for a graduate catwalk show in Monte Carlo, and won.

"That was a bit moment in my life, winning an international catwalk," he said. "And it was the first time I had done it in my life.  My collection had never been on a catwalk before and to see it was a moment of pride. It what has led to going to Cannes for a show at the film festival."

Alex with some of his collection
Alex with some of his collection
One of the models in the Cannes show
One of the models in the Cannes show

His collection on show at the exclusive French port , which came to around £35,000 in total,  featured dresses that would cost around £3,000.

He says: "Seeing it on the catwalk was amazing. I can't believe that something like this is happening to someone from Swansea."

* Young Welsh and Pretty Minted, BBC1 Wales, airs at 10.35pm on Monday (and is available on iPlayer)