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The Witcher director reveals Netflix series returns to filming season two earlier than planned and ‘spirits are high’

THE WITCHER director has revealed the Netflix show has returned to filming its second season earlier than planned and “spirits are high” on set. 

Henry Cavil stars as the brooding and deliciously handsome Geralt, a mutated monster hunter who struggles to find his place in a world. 

Production on The Witcher was shut down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic and last month Netflix announced that the second season would begin filming again on 17th August.

But looks like things are ahead of schedule as director Stephen Surjik shared a photo from the set to his Instagram page earlier this week, revealing that filming has restarted.

The director captioned the image: “It's T minus 3 min to ignition and lift off for our second run at Witcher S2. Everyone is being cautious but spirits are high.

"You're looking out new covid communication system, reducing close contact among crew. Thank you Matt, Kelly Lauren and Netflix."

Series two of The Witcher is set to offer a different path for Geralt and Ciri in season two after show boss Lauren S. Hissrich shared plans for a major departure from the books. 

The show is officially set to restart production in August after shutting down earlier this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich confirmed in a recent interview that season two will go into detail about the early days of what happened when Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, and Ciri, played by Freya Allan, finally met. 

In the books their early days get skipped right over but Lauren teased that the characters will explore them. 

Speaking to TV Guide about The Witcher, Lauren said: “Well, what's really fun about Season 2 is that in the books, [after] Geralt and Ciri meet in that moment in Sodden … when we come back in the next book, we've actually skipped a lot of time. 

"We found in writing the show that we didn't actually want to skip over those first months of them getting to know each other. That's part of the fun, is to take these characters, as you say, who understand that they're each other's destiny – not really embracing it, but accepting that this is what they need to do to continue walking through The Continent.”

Lauren went on: “And then see like, what would that really be like? What would it be like for two strangers to come together and feel like that's what they've been driving for for the entire season? They finally got together and then they're like, 'Oh, I don't know you at all. You are a stranger.'

The Witcher is now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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