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These are the cheapest places to park in Durham City Centre

THE cheapest and most expensive places to park in Durham City Centre have been revealed.

Car parks in Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle have been compared with car parks in more than 40 cities across the UK.

Data compiled by car finance provider Zuto has showed Durham is among the UKs least expensive cities to park.

The average daily rate in the city is £6.90.

It has also identified the cost of parking in Newcastle is perhaps unsuprisingly the region's highest, with Sunderland following closely behind.

Here are the cheapest places to park in Durham City:

The calculated cost is based on all-day parking

1. Providence Row £4.80 

2. Lovergreen £5.00

3. Sidegate £6.40

4. Durham Rail Station £7.50

The most expensive places to park in Durham City Centre:

1. Walkergate £9.00

2. Prince Bishops Shopping £8.30

3. The Riverwalk - Car Park 2 - £8.00

4. The Riverwalk £8.00

Zuto analysed car parks in over 40 cities across the UK to reveal the cheapest and the most expensive places to park within a 25-minute walking distance of each city centre.

Wolverhampton was ranked the cheapest city for parking at an average of £1.90 a day, followed by Bradford, Kingston-Upon-Hull, Wakefield and Carlisle.

The most expensive city to park your car was London with a whopping £53.80 average daily rate followed by Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

Liverpool Lime Street’s short-stay car park was found to be the most expensive at a jaw-dropping £135 to leave your car all day.

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