Great Britain

These are the most hilarious company names ever… from Singh’sbury to Sellfridges


IT’S a punny old game, running a shop – as these traders demonstrate with their clever store names.

Four in ten Brits said they were more likely to use a wittily named business, such as carpet cleaners Spruce Springclean in St Austell, Cornwall, or Surelock Homes, a locksmith in Portsmouth, a study found.

Jack Young, owner of door-stripping firm Jack The Stripper, in Twickenham, South London, said: “We get lots of people saying they like the name — that’s why we get business.”

Here are some of the best.

Tikka look

Couldn't be batter

Ooh, you are lawful

Strip Tease


Does exactly what it says on the tin

Born to pun

Elementary, my dear Watson