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These are the skills 'modern dads' need to know, according to survey

Being a modern dad isn’t easy, as it turns out the job requires a wide array of different skills, according to a new survey.

The research, commissioned by Braun ahead of Father’s Day, found that modern dads must know a multitude of information and topics - including how to navigate social media and the lyrics of hit songs.

But having an Instagram is far from the only knowledge required of a modern dad.

According to the researchers, dads should also be adept at “traditional” dad talents such as fixing bikes and updating computers.

Additionally, “must-have” skills include taking turns on the “night feed” with the baby, doing the school run, and knowing how to braid hair.

Also featured high on the list of dad-skills to know? Being able to cook dinner, knowing how to build flatpack furniture, and providing a platform for a good education.

The importance of knowing how to successfully navigate “the chat” is also a crucial trait for a dad to master - as is the ability to set up a new game console.

Of the 1,200 fathers that participated in the study, eight in 10 agreed that “modern dads” have to know significantly more skills compared to their own dads, with technological-based knowledge accounting for a large portion.

For two-thirds of dads, it was the cost of living, toys, and hobbies that added pressure - while more than half believed society’s demands on fathers to be present and actively involved in their children's upbringing has increased.

But the new pressures have proven to be beneficial - 57 per cent agreed that they spend more time with their children compared to their own fathers.

However, only one-fifth of dads believed themselves to be in the “cool” dad category.

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