While This Morning celebrated Halloween with a fabulous murder mystery special, viewers were left feeling a little frustrated by one small detail.

Rebranded as 'Miss Morning', This Morning today opened for the first time ever to a murder as the team became involved in the nation's biggest whodunnit.

Each of the stars were dressed as Cluedo characters, with Holly Willoughby as Miss Scarlett, Phillip Schofield as Colonel Mustard and Gyles Brandreth as the butler.

Josie Gibson's character, the Lady of the Manor, was killed off just minutes into the show as she dropped dead to the ground in a pool of blood next to an NTA Award.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were dressed as Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard (



Despite praising their costumes, viewers were distracted by Holly and Phil's "posh" fake voices, with some even switching off the show.

One tweeted: "Phil pack it in with that voice."

While another commented: "I had to turn off couldn't take anymore #ThisMorning."

A third fumed: "Had to turn #ThisMorning off The stupid voices they are putting on are annoying."

"Why are they talking in those annoying voices ?!!! #ThisMorning," another asked.

One griped: "#ThisMorning enough with the fake voices, it's so annoying."

A fan questioned: "Is he going to do that voice for the entire show, because I just can not."

Other fans found the whole situation hilarious, with one commenting: "There voices you got to laugh."

While another wrote: "Just turned on #ThisMorning for 5 mins as been taking a break over half term and wanted to see what the Halloween special was like. I cant stop laughing at Phil's voice."

*This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV

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