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This Morning’s Holly Willoughby squeals in terror as Phillip Schofield winds her up with ‘haunted doll’

HOLLY Willoughby squealed in terror today as Phillip Schofield wound her up about a ‘haunted doll’.

Phil pretended he had found an old doll in the studio that was “rabid with spirits and ghosts” and that he wanted Holly to spend some time with her.

He told her: “We have done some extensive research in this building and found this - called Holly.”

Incredulous, Holly replied: “No it’s not.”

Phil continued: “I am calling her Holly.

“This has been part of this building for many years and is allegedly absolutely rabid with spirits and ghosts.”

When Phillip put her on the sofa, Holly told him: “I don’t want her. No, no, I think Holly and I need to social distance. I think she is too close.”

She continued: “If that things move, I will hit the roof of the studio.”

Looking terrified, she squealed: “Stop it, stop it!”

The presenters then went live to America to chat to a couple who adopt scary dolls from people who no longer want them.

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