A couple from Swansea rescued two men from the River Tawe after one fell in and the other jumped in trying to save them.

Nikita Hawkins, 24, and her partner Jason Meredith, 30, were walking home after their date night on October 23 when they heard shouts for help near the bridge over the river close to Sainsbury's.

When they looked at the water they saw two men, one who had fallen in and another getting in the river to help him out.

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Nikita said: "Both men were really struggling in the water, you could see how strong the current was, it was pulling them down the river really fast.

"Whilst I was on the phone to emergency services my partner Jason was running to grab all of the orange life rings on the river bank. They are spaced quite far apart but it was so crucial that we got those rings to them".

"It was really hard for the guys to catch the rings with the currents moving so fast and Jason could only reach so far without falling into the water himself."

Nikita and her partner Jason

Nikita said both men had been hit by the shock of the cold water and one of them was struggling to keep his head above the water.

She added. "Jason finally got the man who had gone in to help to catch the life ring and put it over the other guy's head. We had to guide him down the river to a point where we could pull him out but he was just frozen in shock, so I was shouting at him to just swim.

"I think the adrenaline must have kicked in for him then because he suddenly just started to kick his legs. We got him out and the 999 operator said to get him shielded from the wind so we put him behind a wall and you could see he just went into shock, he wasn't moving but we had to get the other guy out of the water too.

"I was just in complete shock the entire time, if we didn't hear them when we did they would have been further down the river and they would have been stuck. We stepped back when the police and ambulance arrived. Everyone else that had stopped to help kept saying well done to us but we don't think we did anything out of the ordinary."

The couple saved two people from the river's current

A South Wales Police spokesperson said: "South Wales Police received a call at around 11.45pm on the 23 rd October from the Welsh Ambulance Service reported that two men were in the river by Sainsbury’s, Quay Parade, Swansea.

"Emergency services attended. Both men were helped out of the water by boats in the harbour. One man was taken to hospital."

Nikita added: "We both just kept saying we would never have forgiven ourselves if we didn't help.

"Looking back to it now, I really wasn't gonna go out that night.. It was around 9pm and it was such a last minute plan. I just feel like something just talked me out that night and I'm so happy we did because we were able to help those two men.

"I feel really pleased that we got them safely out the water, but it's just traumatising, like I kept thinking what if I didn't get them out. This could have been a whole different mind game for us. We are just so grateful we were able to help those men to safety."

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