A groom tells a tailor that he works for HMRC when they don’t have the suit he ordered weeks before his wedding.

In a dramatic video, the man shouts at the young woman in the clothes store when his outfit still hasn’t arrived two days before his big day.

The suit in question is a £500 blue Sherwani, a traditional Indian suit worn on formal occasions, being sold at Shimmers clothes store in Handsworth, Birmingham.

He then threatens the shop assistants with his alleged civil servant powers, shouting: I work for f****** HMRC!’

He can be heard in the video saying: ‘I know their closet business is dissolved! I know their surname.’



At the end of his tirade, the groom appears to steal another suit from the store as payback for his delayed outfit.

He shows another blue sherwani suit from the store to the camera, and claims that it is the one that he should have received.

The ‘taxman’ tells the camera: ‘This is the sherwani that should have been made!

‘Size 42, these f****** promised me that it was going to be made in twelve days.

‘So I’m taking these goods, worth £500. I’m not taking s***! I’ve paid! I’ve paid!”.

He then menacingly tells the shopkeeper: ‘We have people waiting on this road!

‘You lot have f****** had it!’

The video was recorded by the groom, whose identity remains unknown.