A businessman who stuck his tongue out in a police mugshot after conning customers has been jailed.

Nicholas Garbett's cheeky picture came after he was arrested for his part in deliberately defrauding people through his vacuum cleaner services and repair company.

The 34-year-old was convicted alongside Richard Commons, also 34, and Craig Flint, 37, according to Debryshire Live.

Garbett and Flint were jailed for 51 months.

The scam, run through Ashby-based TDM (Midlands) Ltd, (TDM) and Independent Dyson Service Team Ltd (IDST), saw the trio falsely claim the £14.99 cost was a discount price, when it was in fact the standard.


During a trial at Derby Crown Court it was claimed the low-priced 'special offer' was so that customers would agree to them visiting and they could then sell them replacement parts at highly inflated prices.

The parts were paid for in advance but often never delivered.

On eight occasions Flint also took two identical payments from customers using a hand-held card reading device, the court heard.


All three have been found guilty of fraud connected to the businesses and disqualified from being company directors.

Garbett and Flint have also been sentenced to a total of 51 months in prison following a successful prosecution by Derbyshire County Council’s trading standards.

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