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Watch terrifying moment two sharks circle around teen paralympic swimmer as panicked mum screams from shoreline

A PARALYMPIC swimmer broke his own 100 metres record after being surrounded by sharks while training in the sea.

Ariel Schrenck Martinez was working out near Sant Feliu de Guixols on Spain's Costa Brava.

But the routine session quickly suddenly turned nasty when his mother Carolina spotted a pair of sharks swimming nearer to the coastline than her son Ariel.

Schrenck, 19, was around 100 metres from shore and faced a terrifying dash back to safety.

The Spaniard, who only has one arm, managed to swim to the beach and later opened up on the scary ordeal.

He told TV channel Antena 3 Deporters: “My mum started to shout like a crazy woman that there were sharks in the water.

I’m not in top shape and I almost died sprinting to the shore.

Ariel Schrenck Martinez

"At that moment my body started panicking terribly and I started swimming like a madman.

“I think I was 100 metres from the shore. I think they were the 100 metres where I most put my heart and soul into swimming in my life. I’m not in top shape and I almost died sprinting to the shore.”

His relieved mother Carolina added: "I totally focused on shouting at him so he could get out of the water. Fear took over in that moment.”

Sharks are not typically seen on that beach in the north eastern region of Catalonia. - with Schrenck unlucky at having to face such a terrifying ordeal.

He is part of Spain's B-Swim team and was also a member of the 2019 World Para Swimming Allianz Championships squad in London.

He competes in the S9 class.

The scene was reminiscent of the chilling recent video in which a shark can be seen circling a kayaker off the coast of California.

Great white shark spotted swimming beneath oblivious kayaker on same day surfer was killed in attack in Monterey Bay

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