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Who is Dancing on Ice’s Hamish Gaman’s wife?

DANCING On Ice star Hamish Gaman is the professional skater who was originally taking part in the 2020 series with model and businesswoman Caprice.

However, the pair have chosen to part ways after failing to get along behind-the-scenes. We take a look at the skater's relationship with his real-life partner, Amelia Humfress.

Does Hamish Gaman have a wife?

No - Hamish Gaman is not actually married.

However, he is in a long-term relationship with his artist girlfriend, Amelia Humfress.

The happy couple of share snaps of each other on Instagram, and they live with their Pomeranian dog named Zana and an Akita named Akira.

Amelia is an illustrator but has also started learning to skate with Hamish's help and has been sharing updates on a special Instagram account - @ameliaskating.

Who is Hamish Gaman?

Hamis Gaman is a 35-year-old pair who was born in Surrey on April 20, 1983 and raised in Wimbledon.

He began skating in 1998 and is a member of Guildford IFSC in Surrey.

Alongside his skate partner Caitlin Yankowskas, he is the 2015 Challenge Cup silver medallist and 2015 British National champion.

On September 10, 2015, Hamish and Caitlin announced their retirements from competitive figure skating citing lack of funding as the reason.

Hamish had previously partnered with Vanessa James and Rebecca Collett, and had been coached by Bruno Marcotte and choreographed by Julie Marcotte.

He joined Dancing On Ice when it returned to ITV in 2018.

Why have Hamish Gaman and Caprice parted ways on Dancing On Ice?

Dancing on Ice's Hamish Gaman didn't appear on the show on January 19, 2020.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield revealed the news at the start of the show.

Holly said: "Unfortunately Caprice and Hamish have parted ways and will not be skating this week.

"As you saw in our opening number, Hamish remains very much part of our professional team and we hope to have Caprice back on the ice next week."

A source told The Sun: “Caprice’s relationship with Hamish was harmonious at the start but as time went on they became more strained.

“She felt he was pushing her too hard in training and Caprice started to struggle. She felt he could have been more patient and they ended up having a big row."

They added: “In the end it became completely unworkable for them to carry on and after speaking with the bosses they called it quits. It was getting toxic so stopping the partnership was best for everyone.”

While another insider revealed to The Sun Online: "Caprice was mean to Hamish during rehearsals - it was often in front of other cast and crew - and he was left very upset by it because he's such a professional and a gentle giant.

"She was also reluctant to put in the hours or effort which led to tensions between them. Hamish found it difficult dealing with her, but he wasn't the only one - Caprice isn't well-liked backstage."

They continued: "It's a shame as Hamish is very popular and all of his other celebrity partners have always loved him because he's so kind and patient."

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