It's a happy moment for any student when they finally graduate.

After years of hard work, they can finally celebrate their achievements.

Sadly, due to coronavirus, a lot of mass events are cancelled, and events are online-only.

In Ruby Cole's case, she watched her graduation ceremony from Lakehead University on the telly - and was asked to send in a photo of herself.

But she didn't realise that everyone else's photo would be a *lot* more formal than her.

In fact, Ruby's photo, which was a selfie taken sitting on the toilet, couldn't have been more casual.

She shared the hysterical moment in popped up on the TV, and her video of the special moment went viral.

Ruby's graduation photo
Ruby's graduation photo left people in hysterics

In the caption, she admitted: "I'm pretty sure I was actually pooping when I took that."

In the clip, she can be seen grimacing and flaring her nostrils, with her hair tied up in a messy bun.

It has been viewed more than three million times and left people in stitches at the random choice of photo.

In the video, Ruby explained: "I graduated university today and they let us send in photos for virtual convocation.

Another student's graduation photo
Other students had opted for more formal portraits
Another student's photo
People were left in stitches at Ruby's casual photo

"Little did I realise everyone would take it seriously."

One joked: "I'm pretty sure the editors and announcer all stopped to make the same face you did lmao."

Another asked: "Why do I feel like they paused on your picture for an extra second?"

A third said: "I'm actually crying. I wonder what the person editing that video thought."

Another asked: "And they didn't ask for a backup? I think they did you dirty here. Congratulations on graduating though."

Luckily Ruby seemed to take it in good strides, as she joked: "I'm not sorry," at the end of the video.

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