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Wow Air sets course for $300m IPO


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Football news:

Agent de Bruyne: Kevin is not thinking about leaving Manchester City. 90% of news is nonsense
Ronaldo is the king of alcohol. I was out with Vieri, begging for beer from the media, and I figured out how to drink in front of the coach
MLS is back: almost 9 minutes of protest against racism and a giant virtual adidas logo in the center of the field
Solskjaer on MATIC: I'm Glad he stayed. We need experience in a team with children who run around
Germany manager Bierhoff: Havertz is a player for Real Madrid
Buffon's agent: Gianluigi should become a coach. He can lead Juve
Barcelona won the court against Santos in the Neymar case. The Brazilians demanded more than 61 million euros