Accra Great Olympics ‘reject’ Frank Lampard

Sports News of Wednesday, 27 January 2021


Lampard has been sacked by Chelsea Lampard has been sacked by Chelsea

The Twitter page of Accra Great Olympics is fast gaining prominence as the home of savagery and hilarious posts.

The handlers of the page have since last season entertained their followers with memes, catchy phrases and statements that elicit engagement from their followers.

Woe betides you if your club loses to the club with most nicknames in the history of Ghana football because you will be trolled with memes and funny tweets.

Even when they lose, the handlers of the page still find ways to troll themselves.

Frank Lampard’ exit as Chelsea coach triggered conversations over whether Chelsea were a bit harsh on their legend and where next Lampard will end up as a coach.

One of the users recommended Lampard to Olympics as their coach. “Frank Lampard to Olympics lets discuss”.

Characteristically of the page, the club hopped on the ‘ya gyae’ trend to express their rejection for the offer.

““Massa, saa charity adwuma no ye gyai,” to wit, “we’ve stopped these charity projects”.

Though on a lighter note, it demonstrates the club’s belief in coach Yaw Preko who replaced ailing coach Yaw Annor Walker recently.

The former Ghana winger has managed four points from his first two games including a draw against league leaders Karela United.

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