ADRRI scores gov’t high in fight against open defecation, poor on corruption

The Africa Development and Resources Research Institute (ADRRI) has scored government high on performance in the fight against open defecation.

A new report generated across the country through an online Development Transparency Barometer Index (dtbi) between June 1, 2020 to 1st November 2020 scored initiatives in tackling open defecation 76.50%.

Also government scored 51.50% and 58.50% on Sanitation and provision of portable drinking water respectively.

The report, however, indicated that many Ghanaians believe government has performed poorly on security and fight against corruption scoring 40.50% and 41.50% respectively.

The report further shows 58.50% performance in intervention in water sector while reform in provision of streetlights stands at 40.50%.

Dr. Jamal Mohammed, executive director of Africa Development and Resources Research Institute ,also a a Researcher and Senior Lecturer at Koforidua Technical University explained to the media in Koforidua that ” the overall cumulative index measured around 500 basis point scored government 361.50 which is equals to 0.723 close to 1 which signifies public perception confidence for the NPP government for the period under review”.

He said this “barometer cumulative index for NPP government effectiveness and citizen political party participation for 2020 has been computed to explain how citizens are likely to participate in the election”.

Manifesto survey

The Policy think thank as launched a manifesto survey conducted with sample size of 2000 across the 16 regions of Ghana.

On Education ,the results “depicts that 71.86% of Ghanaians have confidence in the NDC in improving and enhancing the condition of the educational sector per the campaign promises they highlighted in their 2020 manifesto .Under the following metrics : expanding free SHS to private schools, abolishing double -track , absorbing 50%fees for University , providing free Tertiary Education for people living with disabilities and expanding access to legal Education.

This is because ,the policies of the NDC under education as outlined is ground breaking and when well implemented ,the quality of education and the entire standard of education sub sector of Ghana will be enhanced considerably and the good people of Ghana seems to believe in the policies of the NDC outlined in the 2020 Manifesto to be able to raise the implementation of the free SHS which many criticized as poorly implemented “.

However, on the NPP Manifesto promises on education ,the results of the survey depicts that’s considerable percent ,55.58% of Ghanaians have confidence in the NPP with the implementation of its policies on Education and in enhancing the quality of education in the country .This is lower as compared to the NDC’s 71.86 % .”The Lower confidence of Ghanaians on the NPP implementation of the policies of education of the NPP as compared to that of the NDC might be because Ghanaians think the current implementation of the policy of the NPP on education are poor and as such , subsequent policies on education will follow that trend “.


On infrastructure ,the study score Ghanaians with 65.1% confidence in the NDC on their 2020 Manifesto promises on infrastructural development of Ghana, considering fulfilling the following campaign promises on infrastructural development completion of the Eastern Corridor road, dualizing Accra-Kumasi Highway, providing residential facilities for all health workers, providing district hospital to those with none and building roads in all cocoa growing areas. This is considerably high and could be because, the Mahama-Led NDC past government, when they were in power performed well in infrastructural development, and by this Ghanaians will believe that they will always live up to the promises under infrastructural development.

However,the results depict that about half, 50.72% of Ghanaians have confidence in the NPP with the implementation of it polices on infrastructural development and in
enhancing the quality and standard of infrastructure in Ghana.

“Comparing this to the proportion of Ghanaians having confidence with the policies under infrastructural as outlined in the 2020 Manifesto, the proportion of Ghanaians having confidence in the infrastructural development policies of NDC far outweighs that of the NPP, about 65.1% of Ghanaians. This could be because of many reasons but the reason that stand out is because the NPP in their first and current tenure of office have not been able to do more under infrastructural development.

The NPP promised Ghanaians that the second half of their current tenure of office will be devoted to infrastructural development, especially the construction of road but unfortunately with the incidence of Covid-19, their ability of construct infrastructure especially road disabled and as a result less was done under infrastructure. Since they were not able to live up to their current promise
Ghanaians however low credence to their policies under infrastructural development as compared to that of the NPP moving into the incoming elections,” the survey results said .

Climate Change and Agriculture

The study revealed that ,majority 77.6% of Ghanaians had confidence that the NDC will be able to fulfill it’s promises relating to climate change when they are elected into power, 11.1% were uncertain whilst 11.4% had no confidence in the NDC with the implementation of the policy.

The NDC also indicated in their 2020 Manifesto that they will empower the water and sanitation sub sectors when elected into office in the Incoming 2020 elections. A greater percentage 78.9% of Ghanaian believed that the NDC will empower the water and sanitation subsectors once they are elected into office to lead the good people of Ghana.
However only 10% of Ghanaians were uncertain with the NDC in fulfilling the promise and 11.2% disagreed with them. On waste management and creation of green jobs, The NDC promised in their 2020 Manifesto that they will establish a waste management Fund to address waste management and create green jobs. As highlighted in Figure 6, a majority 77.2% of Ghanaians had confidence in the NDC in implementing the policy when re-elected into power, however, 12.2% were uncertain and 10.7% had no with the NDC.

Under foreign policy, the NDC assured Ghanaians in their 2020 Manifesto that when they are elected into power, they will create and strengthen collaboration with the United Nations and other multilateral organization in the fight against the threat of climate change. 77.7% of Ghanaians had confidence in the NDC in implementing the policy, 10.8% were uncertain and 11.4% had no confidence in the NDC with regards to implementing the policy.

Confidence in NPP Manifesto promises on Climate Change and Agricultural Development

On average 56.6% of Ghanaians have confidence in the NPP with the implementation of it polices on climate change and agricultural growth and development, compared and in enhancing the quality and standard of infrastructure in Ghana, compared to 77.85% of Ghanaians who had confidence with the implementation of the policies of the NDC as outlined in their 2020 manifesto on infrastructural development.

It is therefore clear  that most Ghanaians favored and trusted the policy of the NDC under combating the threat of climate change and developing agriculture. This could be attributed to the fact NDC had more consultation coverage than their NPP in drawing their 2020 manifesto promises, thus, the NDC had more than two times coverage of Ghanaians as the NPP had in drawing their 2020 manifesto. As such they were able to better understand the demand and preference of Ghanaians under agriculture which informed their manifesto promises.

Source : Ghana/ Ansah

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