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An 18-year-old Ghanaian senior high school graduate creates a social media site

Fredrick Abila, a technology enthusiast, and recent senior high school graduate have used his talent and enthusiasm to create a top-notch next-generation social networking platform.

The Buzz Chat app was created by Frederick, a Labone SHS graduate, to establish a system that would completely free us from Western-based social media

He enunciated to attain the complete ultimate goal of this. How can we assert that we are free from the colonial rule if we still rely solely on the resources they provide?”Due to this, Buzz Chat was created, which essentially functions as a simple social feed system for people to express their ideas. 

He said that enforcing cyber security is Buzz Chat’s top priority in Ghana and throughout Africa. Buzz Chat is closely watched to protect consumers from hazardous information and internet scams.  

Buzz Chat was created in part to help Ghana become independent from western social networking sites. 

He pointed out that although these platforms are developed and indispensable, they are currently prohibited in Africa, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. to guarantee our social future and to offer an alternative to social media in Africa. Everything is possible, therefore we always have a backup plan, he said.

In an interview with, Frederick explains that the app has more than 5000 users and that he hopes it will become well-known within the next five years. “I hope to be able to hire lots of people in Ghana and establish Buzz Chat as a household name. I’m the only one managing the website, all the applications, and everything else right now. That is my goal for the upcoming three years.”  

Buzz Chat was created in part to help Ghana become independent from western social networking sites.  

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