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Angel Of Peace: The Surprising Roles Of These Angels

We’ve all prayed for big miracles: for our financial debt to magically disappear, for those devastating medical test results to be wrong, for a second chance to make a different choice. Big miracles happen. Definitely. But more often life is a series of tiny mini miracles—and discovering peace in the middle of a storm is one of them.

Peace Angels come into your life, or can be called into your life, to help you face the music, walk through the fire, solider on. Peace Angels’ message is: We know life is challenging right now, but we promise we can get through this time—together.

Peace Angels know that some of the biggest insights you will ever have, some of your most precious memories and some of your greatest joy can come during crisis. If there’s something or someone you need to be at peace with, call on a Peace Angel.

They can work with you energetically to make you feel more calm, help you find the silver lining in dark times and show you the big picture so you can put your problems in perspective. Peace Angels, along with other counselors and health-care professionals, will stand by you on this journey, every step of the way.

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