Campaigning Against John Dumelo As An Actor Is Not A Smart Move, It Won’t Help Your Movie Industry

TV Presenter Bridget Otoo has dished out a piece of  advice to Ghanaian actors who are campaigning against their colleague  John Dumelo  who is aspiring to be a member of Parliament at the Ayawaso West Woguon constituency.

Unfortunately for John Dumelo, Some of his colleagues don’t want him to win not because they think he doesn’t deserve it but simply because of his NDC political affiliation.

Reacting to this, Bridget Otoo, who publicly declared her love for NDC posted on Facebook that actors who campaign against Dumelo are just telling voters that,they (actors) shouldn’t be considered in serious services for the nation because they can’t be trusted.

“If you are an actor campaigning in Ayawaso against John Dumelo, it isn’t such a smart move, you’re indirectly telling voters not to consider people like yourself cos you’re not built for serious works” Bridget wrote on Facebook.

She however added that, no matter their  political affiliations, it was wrong for them  to campaign against John Dumelo at his constituency because he is going to represent them at Parliament.

“By all means Campaign but choose a better spot! Even if you do not agree with his party or politics, he still represents your industry and gives it a positive face”. She added.

Her comments is based on the fact that some actors of the incumbent NPP party were seen with John Dumelo’s contender Maa Lydia seriously campaigning for her. The likes of Prince David Osei, Kalybos, Bismarck The Joke and others were seen posing with her.

See her post below;

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