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Check out the major causes, effects and possible solutions of climate change.

Climate change has brought adverse effects to both man and the land as a whole. One may ask what climate change actually means. Climate change simply means long-term shift or change in weather and temperature patterns.

Due to this, the rain falls heavily nowadays even during the dry season. Climate change and its effect include:


Indiscriminate cutting down of trees without replacing them is one of the major causes of climate change. It leads to a rise in temperature causing global warming. This practice is rampant and practiced at the lenght of breadth of the country. Afforestation is a good practice to help control climate change as plants sink more carbon from the environment to reduce global warming.

Most manufacturing factories emit green house gases such as carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide which are very harmful because they deteriorate the ozone layer and SO2 causes acid rain. The emission of these gases should be reduced to control climate change.

•Improper disposal of waste.

The breakdown of waste releases gases such as methane which is a significant cause of climate change. Therefore, recycling of waste is the best.

Other effects of climate change are:

▪︎Increased drought.

▪︎Loss of species.

▪︎ Displacement of organisms.

▪︎Inreased sea level.

▪︎Health risks such as Asthma and other respiratory diseases like lung cancer and bronchitis .

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