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Check Out What These Women Use For Buttocks Enlargement.

Getting the perfect body is a priority for many, and everyone has ways of achieving this goal. While some go to the gym, others use dieting, yoga and home exercises to attain their desired body. However, when this passion of attaining the right body turns into an obsession, things go a little off track. 

Quite a number of young ladies today undergo plastic surgery and body part enlargement operations just to become voluptuous. Others opt for drugs and medications to achieve this goal. However, for those who do not have the money and resources to undergo surgery or purchase medications, you will be shocked by what they use for their body modification. Like in this case from Africa where women are injecting chicken stock into their private parts. Why? All in the name of getting the right figure. I know this may sound a little too bizarre to believe but it is true. 

In Congo, women with big thighs and backsides are given more recognition and social status than their slimmer counterparts. Women with smaller body sizes or who are less curvy are criticized in Congo and the inferiority complex amongst these ladies is never ending. Some women with smaller body size even feel out of place and would do just about anything to acquire big thighs and backside, anally injecting chicken stock and seasoning cubes. 

These women prepare a concoction, usually a mixture of seasoning cubes and chicken stock and put it into a syringe. Chicken stock is boiled and put in a small cup containing crushed seasoning cubes which are mixed thoroughly and then put into a syringe and injected into the buttocks. This is a very common practice which has gained roots in Congo and the women there have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. These women believe that the stock or seasoning cube mixture increases the muscle size of the buttocks and hips.

Consequently, this practice leads to a lot of health complications colon cancers, lymphedema and other infections. There is no concoction which is guaranteed to increase the size of one’s buttocks. The large buttocks that are desired by people are made up adipose tissues and fats deposited over time.

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