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Youtuber Kwadwo Sheldon has gotten himself a Hyundai Elantra as a Christmas gift to himself and has shared the news on his page.

The former employee of OMGVoice has grown to become a popular person over the last 3 years holding over 159,000 Subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Considering his fast rise of his channel, it’s no surprise that he’s been able to afford a car now and it’s some big deal to him, considering how people have teased him in the past on Twitter that he doesn’t own a car.

Posting on his Facebook wall, he wrote; “Christmas came early for me” and added picture of him standing beside his car.

Kwadwo sheldon car

While some fans are excited about this news and congratulating him, some chose to tag Teacher Kwadwo in comments to come see his rival’s new ride and in a way ask him to speed up his efforts to also own his car as he’s been pleading with fans to donate money to help him get one too.

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